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A poem about the Prophet's Gentleness

A Gentle Nature So Hard to Find (Poem)

Come on dear little child No need to cry to run and hide Just come and sit right down with me Cuddle up cozy on my knee I want to tell a tale to you Many know it – not just a few It’s a tale from long ago you see But its message rings …

Juwayriyah bint al-Harith

Juwayriyah bint al-Harith – From a War Captive to a Wife of the Prophet

We often are introduced to the people around the Prophet (PBUH) through his life and perspective. While there is good reason for this, it can also be of great benefit to learn about the companions of the Messenger as individuals. They were the people who Allah (SWT) calls in the Quran, “[…] the best nation …

3 Stories of Prophet Muhammad’s Mercy after Battles

3 Stories of Prophet Muhammad’s Mercy after Battles

Prophet Muhammad was the most compassionate of human beings. His compassion was not only limited to those who accepted his message. It extended as far as those disbelievers who were enough opposed to Islam to go into battle with the believers.

Prophet Muhammad: The Thankful Slave

When we realize the enormous blessings that God has bestowed upon us, can we become grateful to Him, by using those blessings according to His pleasure, and remembering and praising Him often for them?

Who Are The Prophet's Brothers and Sisters?

Calling those who believe in him in future generations his siblings bring solace to my heart and makes me feel very close to him. But how can we be closer to him than his companions?

The Final Prophet

The Final Prophet

This is a very good animated video discussing the Final Prophet. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was foretold in the Bible. This is a great video to share with non-Muslims.

A Smile at Heaven’s Door… Poetry About Prophet’s Tears A Smile at Heaven’s Door… Poetry About Prophet’s Tears

A Smile at Heaven's Door... Poetry About Prophet's Tears

In this video, Barakah Blue beautifully and lovingly discusses the tears of the Prophet (peace be upon him), his supplication, his weeping, his sleep, his humble bed and other pearls. We are yours, we are yours we pray to meet you at heaven’s doors, smell perfume straight from your pours nothing more, nothing more. There …

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