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4 Ways the Prophet Explained the Quran

4 Ways the Prophet Explained the Quran

The role of the Prophet Muhammad didn’t end with the conveying of the verses of the Quran. He taught his companions, and through them he taught us, the importance of the verses, their usage, and how to implement them in practice.

He Who Touches Our Hearts Guides Our Days

He Who Touches Our Hearts Guides Our Days

No matter which station of life I turn to, I always find Prophetic examples motivating me to aspire for greater and greater perfection. In what follows, I shall list a few aspects of the spiritual and moral nourishment that sustains me as I face daily challenges.

Nutritional Blessings

Nutritional Blessings from Our Prophet

Modern Muslims often turn to books and magazines to find out what foods will make them healthy. However, the Qur’an and Hadith have provided many ideas of foods that we can include in our ideal diets. The Qur’an mentions many fruits and vegetables as well as meat, milk and many spices among the foods Muslims …


Discovering the Personality of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

We often hear the stories of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as it pertains to his life and message. He is the messenger of Allah (SWT) and learning from his life is a tenant of our faith. But learning about the people who surrounded the Prophet and specifically his honorable …

makkah madinah

Why Are Makkah and Madinah So Important for Muslims?

Short Answer:  Makkah stands on its own as the most sacred place in Islam. It is the destination of all Muslims to fulfill Hajj, the fifth main Islamic pillar. Makkah and Madinah witnessed the very precious early moments of Islam: the birth of Prophet Muhammad and the revelation of the Quran. Makkah is the center of …

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