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"Can I Have an Affair?" A Youth Asks the Prophet (PBUH)

"Can I Have an Affair?" A Youth Asks the Prophet (PBUH)

Imagine a young man coming to the Imam of your neighboring mosque with this strange request: “Can I get a fatwa that permits me to commit Zina (fornication/adultery)?” What kind of response will he receive? I think that shocked and angry reproach is the most likely reaction of the attendees and the Imam; you would …

Facts about International Earth Day

Facts about International Earth Day

Being stewards of the Earth, it is the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment in a proactive manner. There is a definite purpose behind the creation of different species, be it plants or animals.

The Autobiography Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Led Me To Islam

He knocked over a bookshelf in a book shop. He picked up the book and found it was the autobiography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he took it on holiday and read it. When he got back, he wanted to know more, so he went to the masjid and took his shahadah.

Prophet Prepare

How Did The Prophet Prepare for Ramadan?

Short Answer: Prophet Muhammad used to fast a lot during the month of Sha’ban. The Prophet encouraged Muslims around him to increase in worship during Ramadan, before it actually arrived, by mentioning the extra rewards for doing good deeds during it. He tried to motivate them in advance. _____________________________________ Salam AbdulRaheem, Thank you for sending in your question to …

Humbleness of Prophet Muhammad... The Greatest Man

Humbleness of Prophet Muhammad, the Greatest Man

The Humbleness of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was exemplary. He was the person chosen by Allah to deliver the final message to humanity; yet, he equally and wonderfully set an example of humility. Join Ustadh Moutasem Atiya in this short talk about this beautiful quality of our beloved Prophet. Watch More:

How the Prophet Expressed Gratitude to Allah

How the Prophet Expressed Gratitude to Allah

In common use, gratitude to Allah is defined as devoting all that Allah has bestowed upon you to that for which He has created you. Hence, gratitude transcends speech to a state of being that manifests in one’s character. Allah Almighty clarifies that this rare quality of spiritual devotion is not at all limited to …

The Night Journey: Why Specifically Muhammad (SAW)?

The Night Journey (Israa & Miraj) was a miraculous journey like no other. It came at a very difficult time in Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) life. Why specifically was he chosen and what did we gain? The Night Journey – Why Exclusively for Muhammad?

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