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Two Prophets & a Great Sacrifice

In this speech, Dr. Mohannad Hakeem reflects over Eid Al-Adha and the Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail (peace and blessings be upon them). Why we should sacrifice following in their footsteps.

Could You Sacrifice Your Son?

SubhanAllah, Ibrahim waited over 100 years to have his son, he was so closed to Ismail. Allah then told him to sacrifice his son. Could you sacrifice your son?

prophet Ibrahim

The Family of Prophet Ibrahim (Story for Kids)

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his  family was filled with constant test and trials to prove their love and faith to Allah. As a result of their sacrifices, the blessings of their good actions are still present with this Ummah today. Hijrah to Allah Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajar and …

Ishmael Isaac

Ishmael or Isaac - Who Was To Be Sacrificed?

Short Answer: It was most likely Ishmael. Though some scholars have argued it was Isaac, the majority agree that it had to have been Abraham’s eldest son, Ishmael. Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below. Video Transcript: Aisha Khaja: Dr. Shabir, the question …

Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Future Imams need to remember that every precious and great thing requires hard work and huge efforts. No different to this is knowledge, even more so knowledge in Islam. It is the noblest thing in life; it can never be attained but through continuous work, staying up nights, repetition, giving up comforts and denying one’s enjoyments. …

A Journey I Haven't Taken Yet: Hajj Memories & Reflections

Journey I Haven't Taken Yet: Hajj Memories & Reflections

Recently, I was sitting with my children and a few of their friends. We spoke about places in the world being portals of power. We discussed a place that holds special lessons for us. Since Hajj season was approaching, it was fitting to discuss Makkah, Kaaba and Arafat. Once a year, Muslims of every ethnic …

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