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Should I Vote for A Candidate Just Because They're Muslim?

Short Answer: No, a Muslim should not just look at the religious affiliation of, or their personal connections with, a certain candidate who is running for office, when deciding who to vote for. Rather, one should consider the holistic picture of each candidate, including his religious beliefs, as well as the scale of harm or loss that would occur …

Trump's Islamophobia Energizes Muslim Voters

For many American Muslims, Republican nominee Donald Trump’s Islamophobic rhetoric has worked as the biggest incentive they needed to register their votes before 2016 presidential elections.

Bay Area Muslim Dialogue Breaks Barriers

Weeks before President Barack Obama suggested that Muslims should speak out to change wrong perceptions filled out by media, Moina Shaiq, a Bay Area American Muslim, decided to start by herself, organizing lively meet a Muslim events to break down barriers.

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