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How to Prepare Your Body for Fasting?

That anticipated cup of coffee following Fajr prayer. That juicy hamburger at lunch followed by that savory chocolate cake to top it off. Muslims will have to do without all of these things while fasting during the upcoming month of Ramadan. However, if you properly prepare your body for what promises to be a long …

How to Start Preparing Your Mind for Ramadan

With only three weeks left before Ramadan, it’s high time to start preparing our minds and souls in order to welcome the holy month. Let us transform our state of mind and spirit to one that is eagerly waiting for and craving its many benefits and rewards. Let us connect strongly with the Quran and increase …

Ramadan Remedies – 5 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

Ramadan Remedies – 5 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

In the weeks leading up to the Holy Month of Ramadan, most Muslims have their very best intentions at heart and are ready to embrace the glorious month of fasting wholeheartedly. However, despite their best intentions, it’s very easy to stumble during the first few days…

Is Preparing for Ramadan Required?

Is Preparing for Ramadan Required?

Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: 1- لإhe Prophet’s Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) used to implore Allah to bless them with the opportunity …

Prophet Prepare

How Did The Prophet Prepare for Ramadan?

Short Answer: Prophet Muhammad used to fast a lot during the month of Sha’ban. The Prophet encouraged Muslims around him to increase in worship during Ramadan, before it actually arrived, by mentioning the extra rewards for doing good deeds during it. He tried to motivate them in advance. _____________________________________ Salam AbdulRaheem, Thank you for sending in your question to …

The Forgotten Month of Shaban

Do You Know the Forgotten Month of Shaban?

The month of Shaban is around. How did the Prophet and early good Muslims spend this month? Do you know why it is called the “forgotten month”? This lecture by Sheikh Omar Suleiman has the answer, along with answers for many other questions. In this informative and comprehensive video, Sheikh Suleiman discusses different issues related to the …


How Can We Prepare Our Hearts for Ramadan?

Salam, Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam with your question. This is such an important topic, and one that very few of us consider in the deeper sense of “preparing”. There are many articles and lectures on how to prepare our bodies for Ramadan, including voluntary fasts to get our bodies used to the …

Prepare for Ramadan

How Does a New Muslim Prepare for Ramadan?

Salam Dear Sister and Welcome to Islam, We’re very grateful to receive your message, and we’re delighted to do our best in order to answer your queries. We’re also thrilled to know about your embracing of Islam recently. May Allah Almighty shower you with mercy, ease, peace, and relief in this world and the next! On …

Ramadan lantern

It’s Time to Say ‘Ramadan Kareem’

It is that time of the year. One of the best months given to us by our creator. It is a month in which, Allah, pours his mercy upon his believing servants. A month in which the Quran, which governs all aspects of life, was revealed. It is Ramadan! Most households are preparing to welcome …

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