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The Muslim Daily Prayers- Why 5 Prescribed Times

The Muslim Daily Prayers: Why 5 Prescribed Times?

This way, remembrance of Allah (the Sublime and Majestic) is not restricted to just one time of the day or night; rather, praying at set times during the day maintains a continuous connection to and dependence upon Allah, keeping us constantly aware of our Creator and never oblivious to Him.

Salah - The Ritual That Cleanses the Soul

Salah - The Ritual That Cleanses Your Soul

Salah is your private contact and communication with the Originator of life and the Creator of everything—Allah. He, the Exalted, has enjoined it upon you to bring you closer to Him daily.

Your Concentration in Prayer Will Improve After This 60-Second Video

One Tip Will Improve Your Concentration in Prayer

Are you unhappy with your level of concentration in prayer? Do you get distracted easily? Do you need a push to be more focused? Got 60 seconds? Do something today your future self will thank you for. Listen to this quick down to earth video by  Brother Saad Tasleem. More about concentration in Prayer: …

How to Love Prayer (Special Folder)

Prayer - The Spiritual Ritual (Special Folder)

Salah or the Islamic prayer is a unique ritual and a form of worship that Muslims must perform daily. It’s more about the many postures and words we say in the Salah; prayer requires the heart to be aware of what is performed because it’s the one to one appointment with God…

#MyPrayerRug: US Muslims Defend Identity Against Hate

CHICAGO – A new tweet by US President claiming that some prayer rugs were found on Mexico borders has been blasted as both Islamophobic and racist. This has led to a flood of condemnation from American Muslims who have launched “my prayer rug” campaign in defense of their identity. “Would you ever say this about …

9 Things Muslims Think About While Praying

9 Things Muslims Think About While Praying

Usually the non-Muslim boss might walk in and see you praying, call your name a few times and then leave. As soon as you explain the situation, they’ll probably understand. Muslims who pray at work tend to overthink on many situations where their…

Why Do Muslims End Prayers with "Ameen"?

Why Do Muslims End Prayers with "Ameen"?

This word is commonly used in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity as an ending word for prayers and hymns. When saying “amen,” worshipers confirm their belief in God’s word. It is a way for believers to offer their words of acknowledgment and agreement up to the Almighty.

Your Spouse Neglects Prayers? Here Are Useful Tips

Your Spouse Neglects Prayers? Here Are Useful Tips

Sometimes a spouse doesn’t pray; faith increases and decreases  and no one is infallible. Yet, praying is an essential pillar of Islam; those who neglect prayers are committing a serious sin. So what can we do if we have a spouse who is cutting back on prayers? Steps to Take for Spouses Join Sheikh Waleed Basyouni as …

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