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The Giver of Life

How do you want to meet your Lord? You want to meet Him in best possible state; you want to meet Him while you’re trying your best to use the life that He gave you so generously, so mercifully in a responsible way, in a conscious way, were you grateful for that life?

Basic Dictates of Love, Mercy & Compassion

Compassion dictates that Muslims should share in each other’s joys and sorrows. When a Muslim learns of something good that has befallen another, it is an occasion to rejoice. Likewise, the pain of Muslims anywhere in the world who have been stricken by tragedy should be felt.

Conversion of the Soul

I felt the love and concern of the merciful God watching me stand in the room and I felt like I had let my Creator down. This sense of shame and sadness are what stand out to me the most vivid of the dream, although I could draw the room and the carved panel.

Dreams Drew Me to Islam

I realized as a young child that I needed to understand what God was. I used to wake up at the early hours of the morning. And I used to pray that God would reveal Himself to me and I was a very young person and I wanted this idea and I used to have these reoccurring dreams and I never understood that these reoccurring dreams were actually answers.

I’m Not Afraid of Death Anymore

I had a lot of the theology and the knowledge but I had never experienced it. I had never gone to a mosque and experienced, it but I have a lot of Muslim friends and even had a Muslim partner in the police force that explained a lot to me.

It All Began With "Read"

Allah put things into place for me. I remembered that there was a shop called Crescent Imports, which I thought was run by Muslims. It was not. It was run by the group called Nation of Islam. Now here is the strange part that only Allah could have arranged.

Guidance in Boarding School

You are here to perform a great job — the greatest and noblest job there is. You are here to know the One Who gave you everything — everything you have, have had, and ever will have. And then you are to tell others about this One. If you do this correctly, you are successful…

German Lady Finds Islam in Dubai

I was raised with Muslims together. It started actually when my elder brother converted to Islam. The reason why he converted to Islam was that he married a Turkish Muslim woman. So being his sister and wanting to protect him in his decision, of course we went to Islamic centers. Well, I did.

Prayer Makes Us Better (Part 4)

Prayer makes us better. Prayer makes us whole and makes us holy. It helps us to cope with all the rubbish life throws at us. It helps us to make sense of our world and all that is happening in it. From our innermost core, prayer makes us better.

Ameen - May You Have Likewise

Du’aa is part and parcel of every Muslim’s life. Not only does it please our Lord and save us from arrogance, its goodness extends to our well-being.

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