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Muslim Cop Dives into Freezing River to Save Man

ROCHDALE – An English Muslim police officer has risked his life by diving into a freezing river to save a man who had been struggling to stay afloat in Rochdale, UK. “Somehow I managed to get to him and bring him to a place of safety. I wouldn’t say I’m a good swimmer, especially in …

Muslim Butcher in Cairo Shelters Cancer Patients

CAIRO – For the families of children visiting Cairo’s cancer hospital, butcher Zaza Ogaz is a gift from God. “He treats the children very well. He buys gifts and plays with them,” Om Israa told Reuters. Like other guests, Om Israa is a mother whose child is being treated at the hospital. When she came …

British Muslim Saves Homeless Man, Offers Him Job

BIRMINGHAM – A British Muslim man has changed the life of a Birmingham homeless man, offering him a job and saving him from street life and drugs. “I saw Kriss [Wilkes] on the street right outside the garage when I used to finish work,” Shezad Zaman told Birmingham Mail. “He would be collecting money by …

Canadian Muslim Surgeon Named Innovator of the Year

A Mississauga Muslim eye surgeon has won the 2017 innovator of the year award by the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO), in recognition of his groundbreaking work in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of highly complex eye diseases.

Wanted to Blow up Mosque, Now Spreads Islam

Wanted to Blow up Mosque, Now Spreads Islam

Richard “Mac” McKinney, the Ball State senior and retired Marine sergeant, is the president of the Islamic Center of Muncie, Indiana, and he’s making efforts to “educate and inform” people about the true Islam.

Muslim Doctors Serve California Patients for Free

Eighteen years after opening their doors for the first time, a group of Muslim doctors continue to offer free medical health care in their Alshifa Clinic in Muscoy, California, serving all patients, regardless of their faith or race.

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