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Four Wives for Muslims, Nine for the Prophet: Why?

Four Wives for Muslims, Nine for the Prophet (PBUH): Why?

Throughout history, many non-Muslims, and even some suspicious Muslims, have raised the following question: Why is it that, if Islam only permits up to four wives, Prophet Muhammad took nine wives? This question may falsely indicate two things: Polygamy was introduced by Islam. The Prophet of Islam had more liberty to get married to whomever …

Prophet forbid

Why Did the Prophet Forbid Ali From Marrying Another Wife?

Short Answer: As Muslims, we need to remember one thing. We have to believe that whatever our Prophet (peace be upon him) did was based upon Divine guidance. After becoming Allah’s messenger, whatever he said or did was the truth. This includes those decrees and verdicts that we can find difficult to understand or accept. Sometimes, our lack …


One Day Happy with Polygamy, One Day Hating It

The roller coaster of emotions when you find out you are in polygamy, or even if you were informed, would probably  not pass health and safety inspections if a theme park were to ever install it – the Gs are just too much. But even once starting to be settled into polygamy, or if in …

My Husband Is Obsessed with Having 4 Wives

My Husband Is Obsessed with Having 4 Wives

In this counseling answer: “Consider if it would make things easier for your marriage if you discussed such things. Perhaps it might bring you closer, but it also might place a wedge between you as he may feel you are questioning his motives. However, whatever decision you make, you can continue to be a good …

polygyny now

Polygyny Then and Now: Rethinking Islamic Practice

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. This is a serious concern for many people, and the root of it–ijtihad, or mutual interpretation of Islamic law–is extremely important. Dr. Shabir Ally, from Let the Quran Speak, addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja:  “So what is polygyny?” Dr. …

Polygamy: Why Is It Permitted in Islam?

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In his answer to the question in point, the eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hanooti, member of the North American Fiqh Council, states: …

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