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Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Quits Ukip Over Anti-Muslim Policies

LONDON – The British politician, Nigel Farage, has quit the right wing UK Independence Party (Ukip) after 25 years, saying the party he led to its greatest election successes was “now unrecognizable because of the fixation with the anti-Muslim policies of its leader, Gerard Batten”, The Guardian reported. “My heart sinks as I reflect on …

Political Tensions Overshadow Canadians' Hajj

TORONTO – Counting down days before travelling to Saudi for hajj, Canadian Muslim Mehek Mazhar and her husband fear the recent political tensions between their country and the Gulf Kingdom might affect their lifetime journey. “We wanted to do it in our first year of marriage, just because it’s a nice way to start off …

Meet Sheffield's First Muslim Lord Mayor

SHEFFIELD – Inaugurated as the Sheffield’s Lord Mayor, Magid Magid has become the first Muslim, and the youngest ever, to hold the ceremonial role in the north of England city. “It’s kind of a message of hope,” 28-year-old Magid told The National. “When you think of a lord mayor, you tend to think of the …

Blue Muslim Wave: American Muslims Run for Public Offices

SAN DIEGO – More than 90 American Muslims, nearly all of them Democrats, young, and politically fresh, will run for public offices across the US this year. Vying for a wide range of positions, from local school boards to the US Senate, many of them are making their Muslim identity central to their campaigns. Fayaz …

What Do Sunnis and Shi’is Dispute and Disagree About?

What Do Sunnis and Shi’is Dispute and Disagree About?

We have fallen into a trap set by Islam’s and Muslims’ enemies, failing to leap out and think as well as act freely and objectively. How we treat each other through thick and thin is not what Islam and its Prophet Muhammad teach us.


Can One Be A Muslim & A Communist?

Salam Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Communism is a political ideology based on Karl Marx’s materialistic view of history. According to Marx, historical events are the product of the conflict between differing classes existing in society. Marx and his collaborator Engels in their “Communist Manifesto” wrote, “The history …

US Muslims & Politics: To March Or To Run?

In a recent interview with National Public Radio, the co-creator of the Occupy Wall street movement, Micah White, reached a rather surprising conclusion about the power of protest. Mainly, that it is not all that powerful.

Why Are There Secular Authorities in Islamic Countries?

Salam TJ, Thank you very much for your question.  First of all, in Islam there is no priesthood. The so-called clerics are Muslim scholars who are respected and honored by the people for their scholarship in religious matters. It is true that the Shiite Muslims scholars have titles and are held in greater honor than …

Is Anti-Americanism Due to Envy?

This response is from About Islam’s archive and was originally published at an earlier date. Salam (Peace) Adam, Thank you for your message and for contacting Ask About Islam. Well, first allow me to comment on the use of the phrase “Islamic–backed terrorism”. It implies that Islam as a religion, backs terrorism. Here, I fully disagree …

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