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Zamzam Water

Water: It Also Flows in Paradise

Allah created the heavens from its vapors (Surat Al-‘Anbya’ 21:30); yet we often devalue its healing powers. The prophet (SAW) advised us to “allow for one third food, one third water and one third air.” Science advices drinking at least 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. This including a glass ½-hour before and after every meal. …

Green Hajj: American Family Follows In Prophets' Footsteps

 Being kind to the environment is an act of faith, in line with the example set by Allah’s Prophets NEW JERSEY – When Saffet Abid Catovic decided to embark on  hajj with his family, he wanted to make sure it was a green journey that follows the footsteps of the Prophets of God, peace be …

Hajj Unify Mankind

How Would Hajj Unify Mankind?

Short Answer:  The rituals of hajj smoothly lead to experiencing practical and down-to-earth unity. The Quranic order denies them anything that would cause division or partition. Differences and disputes might rise and cause division between Muslims. That is where hajj serves best. Hajj is a compelling conference of unity that practically re-directs each pilgrim to his real identity. The …

Stoning Pillars

Stoning Pillars During Hajj: Did Devils Turn into Stone?

Short Answer: Prophet Abraham did not yield to Satan’s temptation. He chose his love for God over his love for Ismail. So he decided to obey God’s commandment and sacrifice Ismail. The “jamarat” are not the devils. They are only symbolic representations of the Devil, one may say, dwelling within ourselves. When we throw stones at the stone …

What to do on the Day of Arafah

Pilgrim or Not, Here Is What to Do on the Day of Arafah

What to do on the Day of Arafah? Today is one of the best days in the whole year. Several texts highlight the significance of Day of Arafah and its greatness. During this day, Allah Subhanahu wa ta`ala  showers His Mercy and reward over people. Pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike are offered great opportunities of forgiveness on …

What's So Special About the Day of Arafah?

Standing at Arafah, Longing for Forgiveness?

Short Answer:  Allah frees far more people from Hellfire on the Day of Arafah than on any other day. Non-pilgrims are recommended to observe fasting on the Day of Arafah. It expiates the sins of the preceding year and the coming year. The recommended supplication is: “There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah alone. He has …

What Pilgrims are Doing Today? (Dhul-Hijjah 8 – Day of Tarwiyah)

Dhul-Hijjah 8: Why It Is Called Day of Water Collection

Today, Dhul-Hijjah 8 (Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017), is the first day of Hajj rituals. This day is called Yawm at-Tarwiyah or the day of preparing water. An interesting reason for naming it so is explained by Sheikh Yasir Birjas in this video. On this day, Pilgrims stay in Mina in preparation for the great Day of …

Hajj: How Globalisation Transformed the Market for Pilgrimage to Mecca

Hajj: How Globalisation Transformed the Market for Pilgrimage to Makkah

More than 2m Muslims are currently gathering in Makkah ahead of the annual Hajj, which begins on August 19. As long as they are fit and financially able, the pilgrimage is an obligatory act of worship that followers of Islam owe to God once in their lifetime. Reenacting the faith-testing ordeals of Ibrahim (Abraham, the …

Stoning Satan

Stoning Satan in Hajj: Beyond Symbolism

Short Answer: Muslims learn in Hajj how to turn a deaf ear to the call of Satan who calls upon them to love worldly matters. With this in mind, Muslims give a pledge to their Creator in the Hajj season that they will remain steadfast. They commit to fighting all evil inclinations inside them, and commit that they will …

7 Fatwas on the Day of Arafah

7 Fatwas on Day of Arafah

Tomorrow is the Day of Arafah, one of the greatest days in the whole year. It is marked by the pilgrims’ observing the Staying at Arafah ritual, which is an essential component of Hajj, without which Hajj does not count. In this folder, we collected fatwas related to this blessed Day and its rituals.

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