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How to Avoid the Evil Eye On Social Media

How to Avoid the Evil Eye On Social Media

Everything that happens in your life, you take a nice picture of it and push it down. Doesn’t it happen nowadays? Watch out! Be careful! You are inviting people to have the evil eye on you…

Enhancing Techniques of Optical Imaging in 3D

Our five senses aid in perceiving the world around us. And arguably, the most important of these is that of sight. Sight, however, like all other senses, has its limitations. Beyond a certain point, our unaided eyes fail us. However, our curious selves are constantly pondering, and the desire to look at things beyond what …

How I Became Muslim

For a period of time I went through a phase where I tried to find anything negative about Islam, I guess to convince myself that I didn’t have to become a Muslim, because to be honest I was terrified and confused and it seemed much easier to just continue living my life the way I had been, than accept the truth and change my lifestyle.

The Story of Women in Islam

While women in Islam have and always will have the same recognition in the eyes of God, as pious believers, when they demonstrate taqwa (God-consciousness), women are not identical replicates of men.

The Prophet of Mercy: A Word Picture

Noble manners have the profoundest influence in guiding and reforming. The Prophet reached the summit of all virtues so perfectly that Allah praised him, saying: {And indeed, you (O Muhammad) are of an exalted moral character.}

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