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Jewish Passover

Is the Jewish Passover in the Quran?

Salam (Peace) Brad, Thank you so much for sending us your question. It is a blessed thing indeed that you are reading the Qur’an, The direct verbatim Word of the One and Only Creator of all mankind. We hope this reading brings enlightenment, peace, serenity, sincerity, and clarity into your heart and your entire life. …

The Extractors of the Souls - Lessons From the Quran

The Extractors of the Souls: Lessons From the Quran

The Extractors is one of the short chapters, only 46 verses, found towards the end of the Quran and was revealed in Makkah. The Makkans of the time emphatically denied the Resurrection thus The Extractor’s subject matter confirms the Day of Resurrection…

The Story of Passover According to Islam

Pesach, or Passover, means protection in Hebrew, and the name refers to this last of the plagues sent by God to the Egyptians. While the Egyptians suffered this plague, the angel of death passed over the houses of the Israelites. To protect themselves, the Israelites…

Amazing Sign Of Pharaoh From Quran

Amazing Sign Of Pharaoh From The Quran

Sheikh Yousuf Estes talks about one of the most recent discoveries of our time, which was Pharaoh being discovered in the Red Sea. He was perfectly preserved with all internal organs in tact and no fish had eaten him at all for over 3000 years. Discover more in this video.

The Story of Moses' Foster Mother

The Story of Moses' Foster Mother - Asiya

A great woman who raised a great man despite the difficulties and pressures she faced was Asiya. She is more often remembered as the wife of Pharaoh; however this great lady was also the foster mother of Prophet Moses. Like Mary the mother of Jesus, Asiya…

Prophet Moses - A Male Child is Born

Prophet Moses - A Male Child is Born

Far from abandoning him, God set Moses up as a royal son of Egypt. He provided him with the strongest human support in the land. Asiya and Pharaoh now had a son, who was now protected by the very person who had sought to kill him.

The Hairdresser and Pharaoh- A Story of Trust in God

The Hairdresser and Pharaoh: A Story of Trust in God

There was a woman called mashitat Fir’aun. She was a woman who was the hairdresser of Pharaoh’s daughter. She had embraced Islam in secret. And when she was combing the hair of the daughter of Pharaoh, the king, the one who said he is a god, the comb fell to the ground, and then…

The Story of Qarun (Korah) in the Quran

The Story of Qarun (Korah) in the Quran

Qarun was from the nation of Moses, he is from the children of Israel. Allah said that he became a transgressor and tyrant against all the people of Bani Israel and he was one of the most transgressors during the time of Moses.

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