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The Children of Israel As Mentioned in the Quran

The Children of Israel As Mentioned in the Quran

Why would Allah choose a whole nation of “bad” people to be His special slaves? The fact that Allah made them special proves that there was something special about them. Allah highlights this point in the following verse…

The Story of Lady Asiya, the Wife of Pharaoh

Asya’s story begins in Egypt where she lived with her husband, Pharaoh — known as the greatest tyrant of all time. After being told by a fortune teller that he would be overtaken by a man from the Children of Israel, Pharaoh ordered all male babies to be executed.

Story Of Musa, Pharaoh, Sea

Ashura marks the day when Prophet Musa (AS) was victorious over Pharaoh. Mufti Menk tells the story of Musa, Pharaoh and the sea.

Who is the Billionaire Minister of Pharaoh?

What Happened to the Billionaire Minister of Pharaoh?

Qarun was from the nation of Moses, he is from the children of Israel. Allah said that he became a transgressor and tyrant against all the people of Bani Israel and he was one of the most transgressors during the time of Moses.

Egyptian Pharaoh Preserved - Miracles Of Qur'an

Egyptian Pharaoh Preserved - Miracles Of Qur'an

One of the most astounding miracles of the Qur’an is the fact that Pharaoh was drowned for not believing in Allah. In the 19th Century the Pharaoh was found in the Red Sea. Today’s tests show that it was actually Pharaoh mentioned in the Qur’an and he died from drowning!

Save Yourself - Episode 11

Save Yourself - Episode 11

In this episode Mufti Menk talks about the magicians who pronounced their faiths as soon as they realized that Musa was not magic and they could not produce this magic because they knew it was NOT magic. The Pharaoh was very angry of course because he lost face.

Is the Jewish Passover in the Quran?

Salam (Peace) Brad, Thank you so much for sending us your question. It is a blessed thing indeed that you are reading the Qur’an, The direct verbatim Word of the One and Only Creator of all mankind. We hope this reading brings enlightenment, peace, serenity, sincerity, and clarity into your heart and your entire life. …

For This, the Israelites Fled Egypt - The Story of Passover

Pesach, or Passover, means protection in Hebrew, and the name refers to this last of the plagues sent by God to the Egyptians. While the Egyptians suffered this plague, the angel of death passed over the houses of the Israelites. To protect themselves, the Israelites…

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