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Allah Loves Excellence

Ihsan, or doing good things in the most perfect manner, is one of the things praised and recommended by Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Join Sheikh Yaser  Birjas in this beautiful talk about the virtue of Ihsan and its significance in Islam.

Symmetry: Perfections of Nature & Beauty of Science

Have you ever seen a Honeycomb? Have you ever wondered how bees cleverly build these hexagonal wax cells as stories for their honey? I’m talking here about symmetries in nature, the faces of beauty in our universe. Most of the symmetry patterns all over around us can be described, simulated, and promoted by geometric aspects, …

Quranic Maxims – 4 Meanings of Excellence (Ihsan)

Quranic Maxims - 4 Meanings of Excellence (Ihsan)

Here we will ask ourselves a serious question, indeed a painful one: When people look at the Muslim societies today, would they say to us “indeed we see you as muhsineen? When they look towards the Muslim communities living as minorities…

Fatimah - The Prophet’s Beloved Daughter

Fatimah the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, in particular, was a young girl during the time Islam was introduced. So from her youth — as a daughter, later a wife and a mother — the perfection of a Muslim as defined by Islam surfaces through Lady Fatimah…

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