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This Religion is Easy...

This Religion is Easy...

Perfection is not what is expected. We can go as far as to say that demanding perfection from people runs contrary to the principle of moderation that we are discussing. The principle of moderation requires us to recognize that perfection cannot be maintained or even achieved.

Islam Is Not About Being Perfect

Islam is Not About Being Perfect

Nobody is perfect, and we don’t know which of us is closest to Allah. All that He expects from us is a sincere effort, and honest repentance when we fail. Society expects perfection, but God does not…

Why Do I Consider Islam as the Most Perfect Religion?

Why Do I Consider Islam as the Most Perfect Religion?

Islam claims to be the only true religion that rehabilitates the truth of its predecessors. It claims that the guidance provided by the Quran is clear, comprehensible and reasonable. By guiding our way towards achievement of a satisfactory relationship between…

When God Enters Your Vocabulary

The word God had never been part of my vocabulary and I had never been brought up in a religions family. I found out I was able to become Muslim, you didn’t have to be born Muslim!

Finding Islam on the Road to College

Divine laws represent guidance for humankind in all walks of life. They define right and wrong for them and offer human beings a complete system governing all of their affairs.

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