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It's all about Peace

It is All about Peace (Salam)

The Night of Power (Laylatu-l-Qadr) — during which the revelation of the Holy Quran and with it Muhammad’s prophethood began — and all that transpires then is described as salam (peace)…

Becoming Better Muslims

Becoming Better Muslims

Being Muslim means more than knowing the correct way to perform ablution or the correct postures to use in prayers. New Muslims need to be aware of the progress they can continue to make in their spiritual journey within Islam.

Feed, Greet and Pray

In an inspiring connection between our spiritual life and physical life, the Prophet lists praying at night along with feeding the hungry, greeting each other and maintaining family ties. There is something special about praying at night. When we are by ourselves in the quiet moments of the night, it is a powerful time to build our connection with Allah. The spiritual connection with Allah is the reactor that gives us the energy to sustain our relationship with others and our service toward them.

Muhammad: A Man of Charisma

His smiling face was a source of solace and comfort to all those who came to meet him. Not just his words and actions, but the very expressions on his face shed rays of peace and tranquility into the hearts of those who were distressed by the pressures of life, or tormented by the afflictions of the soul.

How to Find Peace through Prayer? 3 Powerful Triggers

How to Find Peace through Prayer? 3 Powerful Triggers

The prayer (salah) is often mistakenly seen as a monologue or a chant with certain postures performed to complete a ritual. The idea that it is a real conversation between the human and the Creator of the universe often gets lost in the rush to complete the prayer.

Peace Permanently

How to Achieve Inner Peace Permanently?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Nouman Ali Khan addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Great question. It’s actually a beautiful question and Allah (Azza wajal) describes in the ayah that I recited before [quoting Quran in Arabic]. Right? It’s a beautiful answer. Allah (Azza wajal) is saying which …

What Led an American Model to Embrace Islam?

What Led an American Model to Embrace Islam?

As the emptiness grew, the parties became dull, I got stuck with a sexy image and the hipster friends did not bring out the best in me, to say the least. I began to hate who I was becoming in those short months and I was back to feeling lost, hopeless and confused about the world.

Fasting Changed My Life Forever

Fasting Changed My Life Forever - A Convert's Story

I fasted and I worked the whole day and everything went fine without food. So I met the challenge. And then I decided “OK, so let me do the whole month of Ramadan,” fasting only but not on a religious ground because I wasn’t Muslim at the time. And I made it.

5 Practical Steps to Maintain Focus in Prayer

5 Practical Steps to Maintain Focus in Prayer

The brain has roughly 86 billion brain cells and is estimated to generate 50,000 thoughts a day. A lot of noise exists in the mind before the call to prayer (adhan) is even made. The call to prayer begins with “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater) to help the mind cut…

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