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Why Muslims Should Take Pride in Islamic Greetings

Why Muslims Should Take Pride in Islamic Greetings

In a June 1999 interview, British writer and Nobel laureate Doris Lessing (1919–2013) reminisces about a Shanghai visit during which she had this experience: One evening I heard a Chinese family singing “Happy Birthday.” It was weird. You would have thought that they would have their own happy birthday song. Every dominant society in the …

There are many routes that this new journey towards peace within the ummah will take.

The Muslim Ummah – United or Broken?

Can we work together for a united ummah? This is why I have written this article. And this is why About is publishing it. We want to be worthy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s blessings. We know that other attempts have tried and have failed or have had limited success…

The ummah includes the different ethnicities, cultures, languages, social habits and ways of being that must co-exist within it.

Our Beloved Prophet Leads us to Unity

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad leads us to Unity, to our Creator who is Al Wahid (The unique) and Al Ahad (The one). In doing so he also leads us to unity within the ummah, among its diverse people, languages and cultures. Thus the ummah is not only a theological concept, it is our praxis, our way of life.

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Go to War

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Go to War?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja: So, Dr. Shabir, the question that we have is: if it is bad and evil to kill, then why did the Prophet go to war? Also, if he was considered to be …

Prophet Muhammad Has Never Broken a Promise

Prophet Muhammad Has Never Broken a Promise

After the peace agreement the Prophet was also able to open new avenues to spread Islam outside Arabia. He wrote to the kings and rulers of all the states surrounding Arabia, or ruling in the far corners of the Arabian Peninsula, informing them about Islam and calling on them to believe in it.

Increase yourself in gratitude. Thank Allah sincerely everyday for every single thing He has provided, and Allah will continue to bless you in ways you cannot imagine.

4 Tips Help You Find Peace and Tranquility

Be kind to those who do not understand what you are going through, because your paths may cross in the future and you may be able to help them or they help you – and you may learn from each other through each other’s lessons that you have already experienced.

It’s just so powerful and I feel so protected, and I know that in this world I have nothing to fear but Allah. It’s very comforting. It’ just in my life that I just knew peace and a new joy came over me.

How a Former Detroit Policewoman Found Islam

I actually would get mad in my job as a police officer because people were attacking Muslims for absolutely no reason in Detroit, especially after 9/11. It was absolutely horrible and it really bothered me. Just because they are Muslims doesn’t mean that they are extremists or they believe in extremist beliefs.

When studying Quran, my advice to you is to read it for yourself. Looking at biased websites, you are not able to see the full content of a verse.

I Felt More Like a Muslim Than a Jew

Through this whole experience I have discovered that I did not find Islam, I re-embraced Islam; nor did I convert, I reverted; and on my ride from darkness to light, it has only made me a stronger, more spiritual, and a better human being.

When you say the Shahadah, you should say it truthfully, with sincerity for the Sake of God and with love for the Creator.

When Should I Declare My Conversion to Islam?

When should you say your Shahadah? My general answer to this is ‘when your heart feels at peace with your decision’. That will be the time that God has opened your heart and allowed it to know that you are ready to do it. At this time you will be surer than you’ve been of anything that this is the right time.

Whatever it is that is disturbing you, God knows the atom’s worth of weight. Encourage your faith to grow larger than your fears ...

I Feel So Oppressed, How Do I Cope?

No matter how difficult things become, remember the importance of your relationship with God. Only God can truly alleviate all forms of hardship from the world. Only God can grant double ease for each hardship.

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