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The Prophet's Wise Advice to a Woman- A Story of Patience

The Prophet's Wise Advice to a Woman- A Story of Patience

When the woman, who was in the graveyard, was mourning over. The Prophet Muhammad passed by and he said: “This is a trial and you should be patient.” She said: “You didn’t have the tribulation that I had.” That’s how she answered him…

Don't Let Calamity Shake You

Don't Let Calamity Shake You: A Story of Dealing with Trials

It is not in human nature to strive to be better when we are experiencing ease. It is when calamity comes that we change. Just like a lump of coal will remain a lump of coal until a great amount of pressure is put on it. This is the pattern of nature that Allah has created.

Patience & Dawah: 6 Quranic Tips

These 6 Verses Tell How to Develop Your Patience

In parts one and two, we discussed the concept of dawah and the challenges the da`iyah faces in its cause. We categorized them into three categories: challenges from within, people’s resistance, and people’s opposition. It was quite obvious that it is not easy to overcome those challenges except with great and continuous effort. The most important quality one needs to succeed …

Stories of the Prophets: Exemplary Patience of Prophet Ayub (PBUH)

Prophet Ayub (peace be upon him) is famous for his great patience for which he was praised by Allah Almighty. The Quran provides a brief account on this noble Prophet and records the divine commendation of his forbearance. Want to hear the story? Join Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda as he highlights how Prophet Ayub sets an example …

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim's Tips to Improve Your Patience

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim's Tips to Improve Your Patience

As Almighty Allah has enjoined patience, He has also provided some means that lead to it and support it. Whenever Allah ordains something, He grants the necessary help and appoints the way to maintain it. Indeed, Almighty Allah never inflicts a disease unless He provides its remedy, through which recovery is ensured if He wills. …

Dawah Challenges

4 Personal Challenges That May Hinder Your Dawah Effort

Since the focus of the Dawah is helping others and calling them to Allah, the da`iyah often forgets himself. It is important to remember the obvious truth: the da`iyah himself is a human facing the same problems everyone else faces and needs help and guidance as everyone else does.

3 Things the Quran Teaches about Patience

The ultimate patience is that of Allah. He leads us gently and compassionately and forgives us when we fail. He doesn’t condemn us when we make mistakes from ignorance as long as we’re sincere in our striving and prayers. Even when we become frustrated with our own failures Allah surrounds and embraces us with his love and encourages us to keep going.

Bringing Positive Change in Difficult Times

Bringing Positive Change in Difficult Times

In this video we are given a beautiful reminder by Sheikh Yaser Birjas who highlights that opportunity is a set of circumstances that will make something possible. Have trust in Allah and we can make a lot of things happen through smart effort and understanding. Examples are given of the prophets before us who did …

The Story of Prophet Jacob

The Story of Prophet Jacob in the Quran

The story of Jacob is short and most of what we know is contained in the story of his most beloved son Joseph. Jacob is remembered for his great strength of character, his complete submission to the will of God and his firm and unwavering faith.

Peace in Tough Times

4 Steps to Find Peace in Tough Times

We have a picture in our minds that life is meant to be flawless. When the reality does not match, we are deeply pained and upset. What we must come to understand is the picture we painted is merely that – a creation of our own hands. It is not a reality.

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