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More Attached to His Father Than Me

In this counseling answer: •Discuss the issue with your husband from the point of view of ways in which you can “share” a bit more. • It is important than you accept that it is quite natural for your son to turn towards the sound of his father’s voice. • You can also learn about your son, …

Mother with Mental Illness, What About the Kids?

In this counseling answer: “The smooth important thing, to begin with, is supporting her to get some help; both physical in terms of medication if she is agreeable to this as well as psychological so that she can be supported to explore ways to deal with her distressing symptoms.If you can support her in finding …

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Getting married, having a family, raising cute children are all beautiful and natural instincts that Allah has put inside us. In Surat Maryam, this tendency is discussed  while adding the spiritual dimension to the father-son relation. What is your real intention behind marriage and having children? Did you plan for your children’s hereafter, as well as …


How Can I Help My Child with Nightmares?

The best age to introduce religious concepts is still controversial amongst the specialists. However, concepts of evil and the hidden should not be introduced early.

Sleep, child

How Can I Teach My Child to Sleep Alone?

In this counseling answer: •Talk and play on her bed during the day and especially at bedtime. This will give her a chance to understand that it is okay to sleep alone and will make her need to stay in her room. •Try not to let your daughter fall asleep before bedtime. •Try to fulfill …

son, hate

My Son Hates Me

 In this counseling answer: “You need not take any sudden or harsh steps to correct him, but you must at least remind him each time he tells you he hates you that this is not a nice thing to say. He needs to know that his mother and father care for him and that no …

Our Kids, Education Environment & Peer Pressure

Our Kids, Education Environment & Peer Pressure

Environment is one of the integral components of any successful education model. The people our children are interacting with on a daily basis can have a greater influence on them than their own families.

Potty Training Is Driving Me Crazy

In this counseling answer: “By taking off the diaper for an increasing length of time each day, your child can separate her body from the product, actually see the waste product. Yes, it may seem inconvenient to clean up afterwards, but if you enjoin your child to help clean up and put the feces where …

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the very few individuals who were quoted by Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala in the Quran. Although he was not a prophet, he was a famous person in the Arabic literature renowned for his wisdom and wise quotations. Luqman was mentioned in the glorious Quran and …

Teen son

How to Deal with My Teen Son

 In this counseling answer: •You are going to have to start treating your son with all his problems and difficulties as a person who is about to become an adult. •Don’t give him any pocket money without some kind of understanding that he has to earn it in some way. •Try to give him his …

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