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How to Groom the Love for Reading Among Children?

Reading is our source of knowledge, our ‘door’ to the outside world and the explorative tool of different fields. Unfortunately, in the last few years book reading for children has been replaced by  digital technology and new gadgets like I pad, smart phones..etc and if they do read, it will be books that are commercialized …


A Son With Two Forms of Autism

In this counseling answer: “You can join one of these online support groups and find people that you can connect with. I am part of a number of Yahoo groups, and I find that they are all different so you have to try out a few and see which one “fits” you. Some are useful …


Forced to be Pregnant, Now I Want an Abortion!

In this counseling answer: “Whether your husband chooses to divorce you or not, he is still responsible for taking care of you during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding and for the child also. So, from this perspective, regardless of whether you get divorced or not, if he is a good man, acting in line with Islamic …


It Was All About Makeup

In this counseling answer: “A child, who is nurtured amidst faith, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual love, and mutual compassion, will naturally develop a sense of belonging as well as a sense of self. They will develop skills and abilities according to their inclination. With a sense of belonging comes taqlid, emulation, and in sha ‘Allah, the child will have …

Always Screaming at My Hyperactive Son

Always Screaming at My Hyperactive Son

In this counseling answer: •Try to reestablish a better relationship with him. Instead of screaming, yelling and getting physical, try a more calm approach. •Try to spend more quality time with him alone insha’Allah  (if you can). Take him to one of his favorite movies or dinner spots and just the two of you enjoy each …

How Do I Respect My Father If He Was Abusive?

How Do I Respect an Aggressive Father?

In this counseling answer: •When he starts insulting you or your sister or mom, just ignore the insults. Do not respond.  I know this is hard but often times when we stop responding to negativity, it decreases over time and stops.  Insha’Allah this will be the case with your dad. •If your dad resists family counseling or …


He Just Hates School

In this counseling answer: •Always start with the positive: What good happened in school? What good did you do? •Each day, make a list of good things—learning and behavior—that your son does during the day. •Every time he does something good, even the tiniest effort on his part in the right direction, should be recognized …


Important Lessons Our Kids Aren’t Taught at School

So I sat down on my own to plan the materials I would share with my kids. They needed to learn values like God consciousness, courage, kindness, compassion, generosity, discipline, love for animals and the environment, and many others.

Sensitive Nephew Being Bullied By Elder Brother, Advice

Sensitive Nephew Being Bullied By Elder Brother, Advice

In this counseling answer: “As his father is not very affectionate or involved with the resolution of this, your sister may want to take the children for counseling. I would kindly suggest that insha’Allah she chose a therapist who is family oriented and familiar with the dynamics of bullying.” As salamu alaykum sister, Thank you for writing …

My 9-year-old Daughter Is Very Stubborn, What to Do?

My 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Very Stubborn, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •Set firmer boundaries and consequences while at the same time respecting her growing need for making choices. •Sit down with her and have a mother to daughter talk. Inform her that you do respect that she has opinions and preferences but as a member of the family she is to obey …

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