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5 Hadiths About Girl Children

5 Hadiths About Girl Children

Are you blessed with girl children? If yes, you are greatly fortunate! The hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) about raising girls are beautiful and amazing. Girl children come with great rewards and blessings. If you offer care, love, support and education to your girl child, Paradise awaits you. At a …

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Getting married, having a family, raising cute children are all beautiful and natural instincts that Allah has put inside us. In Surat Maryam, this tendency is discussed  while adding the spiritual dimension to the father-son relation. What is your real intention behind marriage and having children? Did you plan for your children’s hereafter, as well as …

How to Prevent My 20-Year-Old Daughter from Going Astray

How to Prevent My 20-Year-Old Daughter from Going Astray

In this counseling answer: “At this point in your daughter’s life, she may feel she is finding herself or redefining herself. She may be experimenting with her identity and her values. In sha’ Allah, she will not make this a lifestyle and she will return to the path of Islam without too much harm being done.” As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, …


School Homework Could Be Effortless!!

The traditional scene in many homes is the daily quarrel and nagging about completing the child’s homework however boring or tiresome it may be. Mothers complain all the time about how they spend hours of their precious lifetime trying to reinforce their children to complete their assignments. The mothers’ sacrifice could reach the extent of not going …

How to Encourage My Teen Siblings Into Deen?

In this counseling answer: “Firstly, never give up on du’a. Ultimately Allah is the only one who can guide them on the straight path, so continue to make du’a to Allah and ask Him to guide you and use you as a tool to assist them.Continue to be a good influence in front of them. As the older sibling/cousin, …

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the very few individuals who were quoted by Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala in the Quran. Although he was not a prophet, he was a famous person in the Arabic literature renowned for his wisdom and wise quotations. Luqman was mentioned in the glorious Quran and …


Parenting: Not What I thought It Would Be

In this counseling answer: “For better parenting, you must recognize your needs and the needs of your daughter, but that your needfs are not equal to the needs of your daughter. I have already mentioned how you can see to your needs by developing a social support network. This will help you to be more available not …


He Just Hates School

In this counseling answer: “As a mother, I understand that you want your child to be successful and well mannered, but sometimes, as Allah says in the Qur’an, we need to be patient and steadfast in difficulties that we face in life. Raising children is not a simple task.We are also told in the Qur’an …


Prepare Your Kids Mentally for Hajj

As-Salam ‘Alaykum, Congratulations that you are so blessed to bring your family to Hajj. It does seem that you have already provided many good and wonderful experiences to prepare your children for this big journey. In addition to teaching your children the beautiful stories of Islam and about the Prophets of Allah (Peace Be Upon …

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