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Scottish Muslims Hand out Flowers on Prophet Muhammed's Birthday

WEST FIFE, Scotland – The local Muslim community in West Fife, Scotland, has been handing out flowers and cards that tell about Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in an outreach effort to engage with the wider public and introduce true Islamic values. “The outreach offers people an insight into the values of the Islam …

San Francisco-Area Muslims Allay Public's Fears Over New Mosque

OAKLEY – The Muslim community in Oakley, San Francisco, is reaching out to their neighbors to allay their fears over the newly proposed mosque, amid hopes of starting new interfaith relations. “We’re here to co-exist and not take over or change anybody’s mind,” Abdul Maiwand with the Ibn Sina Community Center told KPIX on Saturday. …

US Vice President Tours Indonesia’s Biggest Mosque

JAKARTA – In the most high-profile outreach to Muslims by US new administration, US Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday, April 20, toured the biggest mosque in Muslim-majority Indonesia, during a visit seen as a highly symbolic gesture from an administration that has been accused of stoking Islamophobia.

Columbus Muslims Reach Out to Neighbors

Sharing a message of tolerance and understanding, the Islamic Society of Columbus will host an informal event to offer their non-Muslim neighbors a chance to ask questions and get a better understanding of the believes of true Muslims.

Muslim Women Fight Xenophobia with Outreach

A leading Canadian Muslim women group has put up a new billboard to encourage Edmontonians to meet their Muslim neighbors, an effort that follows a wave of hateful anti-Muslim posters in the city.

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