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Should Muslims Accept Same-Sex Marriage When Legalized?

Should Muslims Accept Same-Sex Marriage If Legalized?

Following the Orlando nightclub shooting, there were calls for “radical revision” of Islamic prohibition of same-sex marriage. Living in a land where homosexuality is OK by law, how should a Muslim react? Are we responsible to enforce our beliefs? On the other hand, should we compromise and abandon our beliefs? Where do we draw the line? As …

Mosques Step Up Security After Orlando Shooting

Fearing retaliation after Orlando shooting, Florida mosques have stepped up security measures during Friday prayer after mosques received threats and angry messages in telephone calls and on social media.


A Joint Muslim Statement on the Carnage in Orlando

Muslim scholars, Imams and leading figures issued a joint statement on the recent Orlando shooting that killed 50 people. The statement, signed by more than 180 Islamic figures, described the attack as “an act of hate-fueled violence [that] has no place in any faith, including Islam”. Below is the statement text and list of signers …

Muslims Send Solidarity Message to Orlando

Lining to donate blood, raise funds and hold vigils, American Muslims have sent an extraordinary message of solidarity and love to Orlando shooting victims, condemning the violence and rejecting any connection to their faith.

Muslim Thoughts On the Orlando Shooting

After America remembered one of the best examples of what it is to be an American Muslim, Muhammad Ali, another reflected the worst of what it means to be an American Muslim, Omar Mateen, as he murders over 50 people in Orlando.

Imams & Scholars: Orlando Shooting Despicable, Unjustified

Imams & Scholars: Orlando Shooting Barbaric, Unjustified

Expressions of shock and vehement condemnation dominated the reactions of Muslim Imams and scholars towards the Orlando Shooting which claimed the lives of 50 people so far. The act was described as heinous, despicable and categorically unjustified from an Islamic perspective. Below some of the early reactions to the attacks. More reactions will be added …

US Muslims Condemn Orlando Shooting

ORLANDO – Key American Muslim figures, scholars and organizations have condemned the deadly shooting spree at a nightclub in that city that left 50 people dead, urging the Muslim community to take part in a blood donation drive for those injured in the attack.

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