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Allah Will Open Doors From Where You Never Expect

Allah Will Open Doors From Where You Never Expect

The one who is fearful of Allah, the one who is conscious of Allah, Allah grants them an opening, and Allah sustains them from a direction that they did not expect and imagine. Allah will look after them.

Oldham Mosque Opens Doors to Victims of Severe Storms

An Oldham mosque has opened its doors since Monday to welcome anyone in need of refuge due to the severe cold weather which has hit Greater Manchester and kept a large areas of Northern Europe under a record late winter snow.

Islamic Center Opens Doors to Teach Americans on Islam

CLARKE COUNTY – The American citizens of Athens, Georgia, had the chance to know more about Islam when Al Huda Islamic Center opened its doors last Saturday, February 24, showcasing different cultures of the Islamic World. “I think that in the climate we are in right now this is incredibly important,” Lamarana Balde, a secretary …

Mosque Open House Creates Harmony in London

– An open house hosted by Sutton Islamic center late last month has created a much needed bonding in the society, bringing people of different faiths and backgrounds closer.

Massachusetts Mosques Host “Ask A Muslim” Event

Offering Massachusetts people a chance to get more information about Islam, ask questions, and witness Muslim prayers, the Islamic Society of North Shore joined 17 other mosques across the state in opening their doors to the public on Sunday, April 2.

French Mosques Open Doors to Public

Debunking stereotypes, hundreds of French mosque are opening their doors this weekend, offering visitors a cup of tea and a chat about true Islam and Muslims, whose image has been shaken in the public by recent attacks.

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