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Muslim Scholars Lament Horrific Tragedy in Sri Lanka

Muslim scholars have lamented the horrific tragedy in Sri Lanka attacks on Easter Sunday in which at least 207 people were killed and hundreds more injured. “Sick to my stomach. Praying for the victims and families, and all of our Christian brothers and sisters in humanity. We cannot let this evil win. #SriLankaAttacks,” imam Omar …

US Muslim Faith Leaders Join Pro-Immigrants Protest

SAN DIEGO – Leading Muslim imams and scholars joined other local and national faith leaders at the San Diego-Tijuana border on Monday, December 10, in an act of peaceful civil disobedience in support of asylum-seekers and immigrants. “We stand today, tomorrow and every day, committed to ensuring that every human being receives dignified treatment and …

At ISNA: US Muslims Learn How to Work Against Racism, Bigotry

HOUSTON, TEXAS – If American Muslims are going to effectively fight Islamophobia and racism and change negative perceptions some people have of them, they must be optimistic, organized, and engaged. They must also look to their faith. “There is no other religion that has explicit anti-racism scripture, and it’s not just one line,” said Imam …

US Muslim Leaders Join Fight for Undocumented Immigrants

WASHINGTON, DC – A group of Muslim faith leaders and activists were arrested yesterday in a protest fighting for rights of undocumented immigrants, also attended by diverse groups representing Black, Latino, Arab, South Asian, and other communities from across the US. “We cannot let any community suffer in isolation or we will all pay the …

Imam Omar Suleiman in Syria

Imam Omar Suleiman was in a visit to Syria, accompanied by a team from Helping Hand, a relief organization that has been providing humanitarian relief and assistance to the Syrian refugees. The ongoing crisis in Syria is in its 6th year and as a result, 250,000 people have been killed with more than 50% displaced. Of the …

US Muslims Reflect on the Past, Shape the Future

Addressing a huge Muslim attendance at the inauguration of 2017 MAS-ICNA convention, Sheikh Omar Suleiman galvanized the Chicago crowds Thursday night with an uplifting start to the convention, with a message on how to learn from past mistakes.

Muslims Defend, Explain "Allahu Akbar" Phrase

Amid claims that New York attacker uttered Allahu Akbar before crushing into bike riders, many Muslim activists and scholars have found themselves forced to defend their faith and the term the majority of Muslims use in their everyday-life with no bad intention.

Jihad Is in the Bible: Omar Suleiman

As American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour faces increasing smear campaign over her use of the word Jihad, an opinion published by Texas Muslim scholar Sheikh Omar Suleiman on HuffPost defended Islamic terms as being hijacked by Islamophobes who impose their definitions, proving that the word Jihad is regularly used in the Arabic version of the Bible.

Dallas Vigil Mourns Muslim Teen Killed in Virginia

DALLAS – Dozens of University of Texas students and members of Dallas Muslim community came together on Tuesday, June 20, in a special vigil to remember Nabra Hassanen who was killed in Virginia on her way to mosque for late night Ramadan prayer. “It’s not you fault for looking the way that you do or …

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