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NY Muslim Officer, Army Veteran, Detained in JFK

The fact that American Muslim Syed Ali served for years inside his country as a police officer and abroad as army veteran did not protect him from being detained at Kennedy Airport when he arrived on an evening flight from Istanbul last month.

NY Police Allows Muslim Beards, Sikh Turbans

American Muslim police officers in New York will be allowed to grow beards for religious reasons, according to new polices by the New York police department aimed at inclusion of different faith groups.

NY Hero Muslim Officer Harassed in Brooklyn

NEW YORK – A medal-decorated hero Muslim NY police officer and her son became victims to the city’s latest hate crime after a bigot attacked them, yelling at their face to go back to their country.

Judge Rejects NY Police Settlement over Muslim Surveillance

A federal judge rejected on Monday, October 31, a settlement of lawsuits charging that the New York police department illegally targeted Muslims for surveillance, saying the deal did not provide sufficient protection for the religious minority.

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