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20-Year-Old Wins Nigeria’s Qur’an Recitation Competition

KATSINA STATE – A 20-year-old Nigerian Muslim has emerged the overall winner of the 32nd Qur’anic Recitation Competition held in Katsina, north-west Nigeria, as Nigerian President urged understanding of the Holy Qur’an for peaceful coexistence. “All the Books of Almighty Allah teaches us the same thing, that is how to live in peace with one …

Non-Muslim Official in Nigeria Encourages Polygyny

IMO STATE, Nigeria – A non-Muslim governmental official in the Southeast Nigerian state of Imo has appealed to men to marry two or more wives to reduce prostitution. “I am not forcing you, but just encouraging you to marry two or more wives to reduce on women staying without husbands,” said Imo state Commissioner for …

82 Nigerians Convert to Islam in One Night

two-day event held by the Nigerian Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) culminated in huge success after eighty-two Christians converted to Islam in Modakeke, Osun State.

Nigerian Muslim Teacher Receives UN Award

A Nigerian Muslim teacher has won this year’s prestigious UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award in recognition of his efforts to teach orphans of both Islamic fighters and Nigerian army soldiers.

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