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(AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Even if it was Not Terror

They are training us to instinctively see all horrific incidents as being tied to Islam. Whether they really are or not is beside the point. This helps to advance the positions and agendas of powerful politicians and corporations – but tears our society apart, and that does matter.

Third of Nice Attack Victims Are Muslims

A regional Islamic association in Nice revealed on Tuesday that one third of civilians killed in the truck terror attack were Muslims, stressing that terrorism knows no religion and threatens people of all faiths.

French Muslims Disavow Nice Attacker

Branding him as a non-Muslim, the Muslim community in the French city of Nice disavowed the man behind last week attack, saying the man who did not pray or fast the holy month of Ramadan does not represent Islam.

World Muslims Condemn Nice Attack

Muslims across the world condemned early Friday the gruesome attack in Nice which resulted in the death of at least 84, rejecting it as senseless and cowardly violence.

Imams and Scholars Condemn Nice Attack

Imams and scholars have expressed deep feelings of anger and grief over the deadly attack that took place late Thursday in Nice, France, killing more than 80 people, and putting many others in a critical condition. They condemned the incident as gruesome, senseless, heartbreaking and “a reflection of the chaos that our world is in …

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