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New Zealand Muslims Celebrate Mid Sha`ban

NEW ZEALAND – Mosques across New Zealand opened their doors to worshippers to observe holy Shab-e-Barat, the auspicious night of blessings and forgiveness, on Tuesday night (May 1) with due solemnity and religious fervor. “People praying on Shab-e-baraat often end up crying all night while making dua asking forgiveness for their sins,” a visitor at …

Rugby Hijab Captures Attention in New Zealand

Photos of an Australian Muslim rugby fan donning an All Blacks “rugby hijab” captured attention on Saturday night’s All Blacks test match against South Africa, making it to the internet after media commentator Russell Brown shared them.

Burkini Featured in New Zealand Fashion Week

Defending women’s right to wear what they want, an Auckland-based swimwear designer has included burkinis for the first time in New Zealand Fashion week, as tensions increase surrounding the Muslim-friendly swimwear.

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