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How Can New Muslims Read & Understand Quran?

Short Answer: First, find a good translation of the meanings of the Quran in your own language. If it’s your first time reading the Quran, plan a quick overview reading and a second in-depth reading. Also, listening to the Quran being recited can really help. If you come across something which is difficult to understand or which …

How the Prophet Treated New Muslims

How the Prophet Treated New Muslims

We all like this moment, when a brother or sister enters the masjid on a Friday, and announces the shahada (declaration of faith), and the whole masjid start saying “Takbir, Allahu Akbar”. I cannot deny that this is such an amazing moment, to witness someone who just found the right path, and took that extra step …

6 Tips for New Muslims to Overcome Isolation

One of the biggest issues most new Muslims have to cope with at some point is a feeling of isolation. They are in-between worlds; they no longer fit comfortably in the non-Muslim world and they haven’t yet found their place in the Muslim world.

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Real Talk: Can Men and Women Be "Just Friends"?

Short Answer: Yes, in the right context. “The issue is not dating or free mixing… it is the definition of friendship that we are trying to clarify here… You are allowed, in Islam, to have a relation of Islamic fraternity in the public sphere, while keeping Islamic manners…” If you have more feelings for this man than just “friendship” and …

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New Muslim: Can I Wear Hijab Sometimes, Not Full-Time?

Short Answer: Absolutely, take it slowly if you need to! Hijab, though important, is NOT a pillar of Islam, and you have higher priorities to concern yourself with, like establishing a strong relationship with Allah through prayer and learning the basic tenets of this new faith. Take your time, go at your own pace. And …

6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Faith After Shahadah

6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Faith After Shahadah

It is important to realize that the level of excitement you felt in taking the shahadah will likely fade away as you get back to living. It’s inevitable and it does not necessarily mean that you are a “bad” Muslim or have done anything wrong. The faith, ebbs and flows just like a babbling brook in the middle of a grassy meadow.

3 Steps for a Well-Balanced Life After You Convert to Islam

3 Steps for a Well-Balanced Life When You Convert to Islam

After conversion to Islam, there are many choices ahead of new Muslims. Some new Muslims start to learn the basics of their new religion and way of life from authentic sources. Others focus on how to cut their relations with their families because they remind them of their past.

New Muslims - Tips for a Happy Marriage

New Muslims - Tips to Make Your Marriage Happy

New Muslims tend to marry quickly after taking their shahadah. They think that their spouse can help them grow and learn the deen better. This is not always the case. Marriage in the first years is difficult, regardless if religion is a factor or not.


My Daughter Is Shy of Wearing Hijab

 In this counseling answer: “A child who is nurtured amidst faith and with that faith, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual love, and mutual compassion will naturally develop a sense of belonging as well as a sense of self. They will develop skills and abilities according to their inclination. With a sense of belonging, comes taqlid, emulation, …

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