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Prepare for Ramadan

How Does a New Muslim Prepare for Ramadan?

Salam Dear Sister and Welcome to Islam, We’re very grateful to receive your message, and we’re delighted to do our best in order to answer your queries. We’re also thrilled to know about your embracing of Islam recently. May Allah Almighty shower you with mercy, ease, peace, and relief in this world and the next! On …

Convert to Islam

Want to Convert to Islam But My Parents Refuse

In this counseling answer: “In the early days of Islam, many youth like yourself had to practice their religion secretly out of fear of the backlash from their parents. With regards to respecting your parents, there is really no contradiction in doing so even if you become a Muslim. You will always respect your parents but you …

Top 10 Secrets For a Happy Marriage (Folder)

Top 10 Secrets For a Happy Marriage (Folder)

Finding your soul mate can be a difficult challenge, and also trying to learn more about them can become an even more challenging task. However, after tying the knot, a new challenge emerges, which can be the hardest of them all – to develop and maintain a happily married life.


My Little Sister Wearing Black and Nothing Else!

In this counseling answer: “some teenagers do go through a phase of wearing only black clothing, and for whatever reason that is, it is best to let your sister get on with it, and come out of this phase naturally. Added to this, as a young lady growing towards womanhood, she might feel less daunted …

Eager Convert to Islam

What is Your Best Advice for a New Eager Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: One of the women at the mosque where I converted told me: “Take it slow. Your Islam should be like a ladder. Climb it one step at a time. If you try to leap to the top, you will fall.” Also, take good care of yourself, find a good support system for new Muslims, …

Five Daily Prayers

What are the Benefits of the Five Daily Prayers?

Short Answer:  For Muslims, praying is not a regulation. It is a gift. Prayer is not an escape from reality. It is an escape to reality. In prayer we can put all things in perspective and see what is really important in life. It reminds us that all things come from Allah and that it …

Surrender to God

How Do I Surrender to God?

Short Answer:  There is an inspiring verse in the Quran known as the verse of The Throne. When you understand the meaning of this verse, it will help you to surrender to Almighty God who created all things. Also remember that we are truly submitting to Him when we prostrate ourselves to Him in prayer. …

New Converts' Frustrations

New Converts' Frustrations: Do Muslims Really Care?

Short Answer: Many Muslims do not see anything wrong with the way the mosques are run. The only piece of advice I can give you here is to try to enact the change you want to see. I highly encourage you to reach out to and connect with other converts though the Internet. _____________________________________ Salam …

4 Mistakes Many Converts Make

4 Mistakes Many Converts Make

After I had bullied my convert comrades into conceding to this concept, we started talking about miseducation. Why epiphanies often occur in Taco Bell, I will never know. But among those wrappers of half-eaten bean burritos, we dug deeper to decipher what can legit qualify as a mistake a convert makes.

5 Ways for New Muslims to Strengthen Their Faith

5 Ways for New Muslims to Strengthen Their Faith

Short Answer: In learning to practice your new faith, take things slowly. The first priority would be to learn the five daily prayers. Making new Muslim friends is also very important while gradually increasing your knowledge of Islam. _________________________________________ Salam Dear Abdul Hadi, Welcome to Islam! May Allah continue to guide you and strengthen your faith. …

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