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3 Steps for a Well-Balanced Life After You Convert to Islam

3 Steps for a Well-Balanced Life When You Convert to Islam

After conversion to Islam, there are many choices ahead of new Muslims. Some new Muslims start to learn the basics of their new religion and way of life from authentic sources. Others focus on how to cut their relations with their families because they remind them of their past.

New Muslims - Tips for a Happy Marriage

New Muslims - Tips to Make Your Marriage Happy

New Muslims tend to marry quickly after taking their shahadah. They think that their spouse can help them grow and learn the deen better. This is not always the case. Marriage in the first years is difficult, regardless if religion is a factor or not.


My Daughter Is Shy of Wearing Hijab

 In this counseling answer: “A child who is nurtured amidst faith and with that faith, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual love, and mutual compassion will naturally develop a sense of belonging as well as a sense of self. They will develop skills and abilities according to their inclination. With a sense of belonging, comes taqlid, emulation, …

Hijrah Lessons for New Muslims

Hijrah to Madinah - Lessons for New Muslims

New Muslims can learn from this lesson that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. You might be treated badly or ridiculed by your families, neighbors and friends. Therefore, do like what the early Muslims did; endure the hardships with patience. Do not lose hope.

A New Year Gift For My New Family Members

A New Year Gift For My New Family Members

In the spirit of the Hijri New Year, I’d like to welcome all the new brothers and sisters to our big family, those who have decided to migrate to a new path of spiritual fulfillment by joining the religion of Islam.

About to Convert, Concerned About Hindu Practices

7 Challenges Revert Sisters Face

The first challenge that most new Muslims face is learning how to pray. It’s not just an issue of learning the meanings and how to recite them in Arabic, but there are also the additional challenges if sisters are still living with their parents of how to explain it to them

How to Make Our Masajid Welcoming for New Muslims?

How to Make Our Masajid Welcoming for New Muslims?

Some of these Muslims who convert to Islam, they already have family members who can take care of them, or friends at work that they meet them on a daily basis… so when you teach them salah they’re going to practice with family, they’re going to practice…

The Qur'an Answered A Lot Of Things For Me!

The Qur'an Answered A Lot Of Things For Me!

This sister had some questions about the Trinity and God being One. The Bible seemed to contradict itself whereas the Quran answered a lot of questions for her. Because of this she accepted Islam!

New Muslims and the Art of Happiness

Happiness comes from within, not from others. You hold the key to your happiness, and only you have the power to unlock that door of happiness by finding contentment within yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it for you, otherwise, you will always be unhappy.

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