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Husband Makes Me Feel I’m a Sinner

Husband Makes Me Feel I’m a Sinner

In this counseling answer: “A healthy and sound marriage cannot be built on this level of distrust, control, and abuse. Learn about Islam and you’ll find that what he is attempting to each you are based on his insecurities and not Islam itself. ” As-Salamu Aleikom, Thank you for your question. You are a convert from …

Your First 3 Practical Steps as a New Muslim

Your First 3 Practical Steps as a New Muslim

Not many people become Muslim just to say they are Muslim. People come to Islam to live Islam. And this takes learning. As you start to learn more and more about your faith, you will seek out other Muslims around you to learn from.

Menses and Overcoming Depression

Short Answer: To be able to combat your feelings of depression, remind yourself that you’re not being prevented from connecting with God, nor are you being banished from His mercy because something is wrong with you. Much to the contrary, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, God is giving you a lighter load in consideration of …

Accepting Islam

Accepting Islam: From Heart to Tongue

Short Answer: If she believes at heart, then she should start embarking on a beautiful journey of learning and connecting with her Creator. All she needs to do is to utter the shahadah (the testimony of faith). It is simple and easy. She can utter it on her tongue, while making sure she believes it deep in her heart, …

My Holiday Experience in Tunisia - 5 Things I Enjoyed

My Holiday Experience in Tunisia - 5 Things I Enjoyed

Whilst in the hotel we booked many excursions to get the full experience in Tunisia. The funniest by far was the camel excursion. On purchasing the trip we were told you have time with the camels and all your food and drink is included in the price.

Aren't You Hot in That?

Aren't You Hot in That?

If it gets very hot for me, I remind myself that even if I take it off, it won’t really make me any less hot. And there is only so much clothing you can remove; I’m not about to go into work wearing a bikini, so why not be an Islamically-dressed woman and proud?

Diving into Halal Swimwear

Diving into 'Halal' Swimwear

The last time I wore a bathing suit was last year while in Turkey. It caused a lot of anxiety for me, especially leading up to the trip, as I decided what I should wear on the beach. I had not yet started wearing hijab, but I was dressing modestly and was not…

Became Muslim

How I Met My Husband and Became Muslim

At the age of 15, many teenagers are interested in boys, going out and other such activities. I am not going to lie, I was one of them all right, however now and again I would always think there must be more than this to my life, more to my purpose on this earth. At …

An American and a Muslim

Converting to Islam: An American and a Muslim?

Short Answer: I assure you that you will have fantastic days ahead of you. I could also assure you that you will be tested. Islam has a core of faith matters, acts of worship and morals. But beyond that, people from every culture adapt to Islam in their own special way based on their background. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Michael, Thank …

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