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muslim husband

My Muslim Husband Doesn't Want Me to Pray

Short Answer: I agree with you that obeying your husband comes after obeying God. And if the two contradict then definitely you need to work harder in getting your husband to at least accept your commitment to God. What you’re doing is not at all extreme or going over the top, these are just the simple basics …

6 Tips For You If You're Scared to Wear Hijab at Work

6 Tips for You If You're Scared to Wear Hijab at Work

It can be a bit scary going through a job with a hijab on, especially if you live in the West kind of feel a bit of judgment going for a job. I see that so much with my friends who are hijabi and they haven’t gone for their first job because they’re scared of that. Here are some steps to help you:

Parents Cannot Accept That I Converted to Islam

Parents Cannot Accept That I Converted to Islam

In this counseling answer: • You can educate them on what a Muslim is by being a good example in your conduct and treatment of them. • Your parents do love you. They are just confused, angry and probably scared. • I kindly suggest dear sister that you if you seek out Muslim friendships in …

5 Embarrassing Experiences a Convert May Face

5 Embarrassing Experiences a Convert May Face

Everyone knows the basics of visiting a mosque; dress modestly, men and women in different sections and no shoes. Simple! But no one warned me about the kissing! I’ve lived in France, so “la bise” was not unfamiliar. But in the mosque it’s a slightly more complex issue.

From Runway Model to Full Time Hijabi

From Runway Model to Full Time Hijabi

A few months after working with the agency, I decided I no longer wanted to pursue modeling. I look back now and I believe Allah had a better plan all along for me to be where I am now, and not modeling and showing my body. I found Islam and took…

Change Surname

Should My Friend Change His Surname After Converting?

Short Answer:  Having an Arabic name does not make you any “more” Muslim. There are few cases where a new convert to Islam would need to change his or her name. As for changing his surname because his father is Christian, he should absolutely not change this name. _________________________________________ Salam,  Thank you for contacting Ask …

Dar Al-Arqam – A New Muslim Safe Haven

Dar Al-Arqam – A New Muslim Safe Haven

This house belonged Al-Arqam ibn Abi Al-Arqam. He was one of the first ten people to accept Islam, and was a mere adolescent. His home was chosen because it was less of a target, because if enemies suspected anything, they would have targeted…

just became Muslim

My Friend Just Became a Muslim, What Should I Do to Help?

Short Answer: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as Jesus said. Whatever you can imagine needing if you made the choice they made, do that for them. First, be a good friend and help them avoid feeling lonely. Also, help them find reliable sources of learning about Islam, but only …

No Mosque

Converting But No Mosques Near Me: What Can I Do?

Short Answer: Try to find some through the contacts in Islamicfinder. There are quite a number of mosques and other Islamic services in Hungary, though most of them are in Budapest. Islam should make you a better person, so much so that your family and friends notice an improvement in you. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by …

celebrate christmas family

May I Celebrate Christmas With My Non-Muslim Family?

Short Answer: Yes, as long as you avoid the overtly religious aspects of Christmas, and other haram aspects, including alcohol consumption. It’s extremely important not to isolate yourself from your family, and a Muslim respects their parents and keeps strong family ties, even and especially if their family isn’t Muslim. The key to these sorts of family …

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