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Expecting & Nursing Mothers in Ramadan Worship of a Different Kind

Expecting & Nursing Mothers in Ramadan: Worship of a Different Kind

When Emma gave birth to her first child, Ramadan was only a few days away. For the first time, she found out what it was like not to fast during the holy month – for the whole month. She would spend hours in her room adjusting to life with a newborn. Her cycles included nursing, …

new mum

10 Tips for New Mums

Being a mum for the first time is an exciting experience. However, motherhood brings challenges and pressures that are not easy to overcome. Sometimes you’ll need help and you should ask for it; other times you’ll prefer to do it your own way and discover your new world for yourself. As soon as your baby arrives, …

Breastfeeding: The Crucial First Months

Breastfeeding: The Crucial First Months

If you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed or if you recently gave birth and are just starting on your nursing adventure, congratulations!  This article is for you, Insha’Allah. In the holy Qur’an, Allah SWT says,  “Mothers shall breastfeed their children for two whole years, for those who wish to complete the term.” (2:233) In His …

post-pregnancy weight loss

8 Tips on Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

If you’ve had a baby and are keen to lose weight, we’ve got eight tips on post-pregnancy weight loss to get you started! Remember: dropping those extra pounds takes time, especially when you’re caring for a new baby and getting adjusted to a new schedule. So don’t be hard on yourself. Just focus on a healthy lifestyle and …

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