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Depressed After Prayer

Convert Tired and Depressed After Prayer: What to Do?

Short Answer: Before beginning the prayer, make the intention to pray with as much sincerity and concentration as possible, and ask Allah to help you focus. I have heard advice given to “pray as if it is one’s last prayer”; since we never know when death will come, we should treat each prayer seriously in case …

end up Muslim

How Did I End Up Muslim in Brooklyn?

When the Quran I had been reading, connected with the sound of its recitation for the first time, was like a burning desire was ignited inside me. That recitation, coupled with my experience living with Muslims in the weeks I spent abroad there, resulted in an insatiable thirst to know more about Islam.

Became Muslim

How I Met My Husband and Became Muslim

At the age of 15, many teenagers are interested in boys, going out and other such activities. I am not going to lie, I was one of them all right, however now and again I would always think there must be more than this to my life, more to my purpose on this earth. At …

commits zina pray

Can a Person Who Commits Zina Pray and Fast?

Short Answer: Never give up praying and fasting. There is no sin that you can commit that will cut you off from being allowed to worship, to talk to, to fast for, or to pray to Allah. Allah is the Creator of the human heart and He knows what is in it, what hurts it, what …

True Joy

Recognizing True Joy in Life If I Convert?

Short Answer: If you choose to convert, you will still be Jala and you will still be British and you will still love your friends and family and most of the very same things you like and love today. When someone chooses to become a Muslim, they choose to submit peacefully and willingly to Allah, the …

Marry With a Limited Income

Can a New Convert Marry With a Limited Income?

Short Answer: Marriage does not need to be expensive. As a man looking to marry, you are responsible for giving a mahr (a wedding gift) to the woman you intend to marry. And as a husband, you are also responsible for providing for your wife’s (and any future offspring’s) necessities-food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and whatever else she is …

Marriage Ceremony of New Convert

Civil Marriage Ceremony of New Convert Permissible?

Short Answer:  Having a Muslim ceremony the day before, the marriage conditions in Islam will be met and the marriage will be valid. The quote you mentioned does not contain anything objectionable from an Islamic point of view. It may be used in the civil ceremony. We wish you the best in this life and the Hereafter. …

New Hindu Convert to Islam

Fasting Ramadan for a New Hindu Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: If someone is under a real threat that if they fast they will be subjected to real physical or mental harm, they may break their fast under such circumstances. But in this case they are obliged to make up for lost days of fast when they are free from such danger. _____________________________________ Salam Sister …

Stop Practicing Islam

Stop Practicing Islam Or You'll Be Kicked Out of the House!

Short Answer:  Your parents care for you, but you need to be patient with them. Try to live quietly and simply and modestly as a good Muslim, without looking for a fight or to rub your Islam in their faces. Show them by your goodness and happiness that Islam has actually made you a better person. ______________________________________ Assalamu …

Convert Weak in Faith

Hardships Making Convert Weak in Faith: What to Do?

Short Answer: Having periods of low faith doesn’t automatically make one a bad person or destined for Hell. Fluctuations in one’s personal faith is very normal. Our earthly life is intended to be a test for us. Allah gives us good news in the Quran that even though we may sin, Allah will always forgive us as long as we …

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