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Safar 1439

Where to Observe the New Safar 1439?

When will Safar 1439 take place? Safar is the second month in the Hijri Calendar. Normally, a Hijri day starts at sunset. Thus, observing the crescent of a new Hijri month occurs during the sunset. If the crescent sets before the sunset, this means there is no new month. If it sets after the sunset, this means the beginning …


When Is Eid Al-Adha & Dhul-Hijjah 1438?

Dhul-Hijjah is the 12th and final month in the Hijri Calendar. It is a very sacred month for Muslims as Hajj pilgrimage and Al-Adha feast occur during it. Muslims perform hajj on the 8th, 9th and 10th of this month. Day of Arafah takes place on the 9th of the month. Eid Al-Adha, the “Festival …

When Will 30 Pre-Ramadan Days Start?

When Will 30 Pre-Ramadan Days Start?

Sha’ban is the 8th month of the Hijri Calendar. The months of this lunar calendar start when the first crescent of a new moon is sighted. Since the Hijri calendar year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the solar year, Sha’ban migrates throughout the seasons like the other eleven Hijri months. The month is …

When Is the New Hijri Year 1438?

The first day of the New Hijri Year is observed on the first day of the Muharram, the first month in the Hijri calendar. The next Hijri year on the Islamic calendar will be number 1438, since the first one occurred in 622 AD when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) immigrated from Makkah to Medina, known as …

Lunar Settlement

Colonizing Moon Isn't Sci-Fi Anymore

Allah instructs Muslims in the holy Qur’an saying: {contemplate the wonders of creation} (Surat Ali ‘Imran 3:191). Muslims are encouraged to seek knowledge, explore the universe, and find the “Signs of Allah” in His creation.

Credit & Copyright: Chuck Manges

The 1st of This Year's 2 Lunar Eclipses

The first of two lunar eclipses for 2016 occurs this week. A penumbral eclipse begins at 9:39 Universal Time (UT) on Wednesday, March 23rd, reaches its peak at 11:48 UT with the Moon 78% immersed in the Earth’s penumbral shadow, and ends on 13:55 UT.

Waxing Crescent

When is Jumada Al-Thani's Crescent?

Jumada Al-Thani, Jumada Al-Akhir, or Jumada al-Akhira is the 6th month in the Islamic Hijri Calendar. The origin of the word Jumda, from which the name of the month is derived, is used to denote dry parched land: land devoid of rain, and hence denote the dry months.

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