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Making Hajj in a Wheelchair

Although Hajj isn’t obligatory for disabled Muslims, nevertheless, a strong desire to make this spiritual journey pulls on the heartstrings of every Muslim. In past ages, the physical challenge of Hajj was far more rigorous than our air-conditioned era of caretaker travel agencies, convenient mass transit and comfortable accommodations. Nowadays, compassionate attention to the needs …

British Muslim: Barcelona's Spirit Will Not Run Dry

After terrorists mounted an attack in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Cambrils, murdering 14, leaving 17 in critical condition, and injuring over a hundred more, the world once again comes together in condemnation.

Exhaustion and Hajj Rituals

The phenomenon of exhaustion frequently takes place in the summer or in places with high temperature such as the Holy Sites. Sometimes, it attacks the person suddenly, but it mostly be caused by the body being subjected to high temperature which, in its turn, results in losing huge amounts of sweat that contains Sodium Chloride. …

Far-right Burka Stunt Troubles Aussie Muslims

Muslim leaders have expressed concerns over One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s burka “stunt” in the Senate, warning it could encourage US-style “alt-right” attacks on their community.

Singapore Fatwa Allows Human Milk Bank

Thanks to new ruling from Muslim fatwa committee in Singapore on Thursday, Muslim premature babies will be able to benefit from the newly launched donor human bank milk.

Islam is a yes religion

Islam Is a “Yes Religion”?

When I was seven years old, I used to attend a halaqa (Class that teaches religion) of what I would call today “the Islam of No’s”. One summer day upon entering class, my stoic teacher and I got into this dialogue. “What is this?” My teacher glared at my hand. A shinny bracelet wrapped around …

Imam Opens Heart About Being Muslim

Attending a presentation about Islam in Stratford, Connecticut, Barbara Heimlich recognized for the first time the similarity between Islam and other Abrahamic faiths.

Allergy and Hajj Rituals

Allergy may inflict any organ in the body; the eyes, nose, stomach, arms, legs or so on. But it has different names with each organ, such as running nose, influenza, hay fever, summer common cold, urtecaria, spasmodic chest disease, spring cattar, recurrent bronchitis and brochial asthma. All these diseases are different kinds of allergy, as …

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