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Facts about International Earth Day

Facts about International Earth Day

Being stewards of the Earth, it is the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment in a proactive manner. There is a definite purpose behind the creation of different species, be it plants or animals.

Islam Is a “Yes Religion”?

Islam Is a “Yes Religion”?

When I was seven years old, I used to attend a halaqa (Class that teaches religion) of what I would call today “the Islam of No’s”. One summer day upon entering class, my stoic teacher and I got into this dialogue. “What is this?” My teacher glared at my hand. A shinny bracelet wrapped around …

New Charity Platform Organizes UK Muslims' Donations

LONDON – A new ‘revolutionary’ donation platform, aiming to empower Muslims, has been launched in the UK, with a goal of offering support to registered charities and promoting public benefits and charitable purposes. “MuslimGiving is an umbrella organization for UK based Muslim charities,” Muslim Giving website says. “Our primary goal is to help Muslim charities …

World Summit & Congress of Muslim Minorities Launched

ABU DHABI – An international organization that addresses challenges facing Muslim minorities across the world has been launched on Monday, April 16, in Abu-Dhabi, Emirates, as Istanbul hosted a four-day summit to discuss the problems of Muslim minorities. “The International Muslim Minorities Congress (IMMC) seeks to promote civil and political rights of Muslim minorities as …

Hong Kong Mulls Over Mosque Construction

HONG KONG – The Muslim community in the South Chinese autonomous city of Hong Kong has so far amassed about US$38,200 in a drive to build a mosque that has been held up for over a decade. “With donations coming in daily to the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong, we’re trying to jump-start the …

Salam - The Greeting of All Prophets

Salam - The Greeting of All Prophets

The Muslim greeting of salam “saying as-salamu alaykum” in Arabic means “peace be upon you”. It may be new to many that this greeting was taught by Moses and Jesus. The language of Moses was Hebrew: In Hebrew the greeting is: shalom aleichem…

A Visit to Honduras’ Grandest Mosque

SAN PEDRO SULA – As churches dominate the sky in Honduras, a sky-blue worship house in the northwest San Pedro Sula, and one of just two in the central American country, draws a diverse range of Muslims coming from long distances every week. “We used to pray in a room close to the hospital,” Arnaldo …

'A Code of Honor': Portland Exhibit Portrays Muslims Heroism

PORTLAND – The heroism of Albanian Muslims, who sheltered and saved the life of their Jewish neighbors and Jewish refugees during WWII, is being celebrated in a Portland exhibition. “By recounting the brave acts undertaken by ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances, this remarkable body of work reveals the capacity we each have to act with …

The Night Journey - Why Exclusively for Muhammad?

The Night Journey - Why Exclusively for Muhammad?

It was after both of these events that Allah Almighty granted His Prophet an extraordinary favor. Out of the darkness of loss, Muhammad was given a great joy and a great confirmation of his role as Messenger.

Montana Church Hosts ‘Celebrate Islam Week’ Event

MISSOULA – Muslim volunteers in Missoula, Montana, found themselves in a race against time, on April 9, to prepare the buffet for “Celebrate Islam Week” event, to spread tolerance and understanding through aromas of shared food. “These personal connections are critical. We can coexist with differences. People are starting to realize you simply have to …

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