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‘Muslims Don’t Fall in Love before Marriage’

“Muslims don’t fall in love before marriage,” the woman said proudly. “That’s something only non-Muslims do.” When I first heard this statement, I was confused. But maybe I was misunderstanding what the woman meant. Perhaps the woman was just saying that Muslims don’t have sex before marriage (or at least that they’re not supposed to). …

Walking towards God, and throughout the process of building up and taming one’s soul, moderation and avoiding extremes should be practiced, as instructed by Prophet Muhammad

Is Islam a DIY Religion? New Muslims Challenge

It’s an incredible challenge for a new Muslim to find the right path to follow. There seem to be so many different groups, madh-habs and opinions; how on earth can you work out which is the right one? Or in fact if there even is a ‘right path’? The temptation is to do what Helen…

Turkey Reveals Bible Saying Jesus Wasn’t Crucified

Turkey transferred a leather-bound religious text, claimed to be the lost Gospel of Barnabas, under armed guard to the city’s Ethnography Museum, which reveals that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was never crucified.

We, as Muslims, are defined by our actions. We are defined by how well, how fully we have submitted ourselves to the will of our creator. When we do that, we’re actually submitting ourselves along with the whole of creation.

Who Gave the Name of Muslims? (Podcast)

The name has been given as followers of this religion of submission is a divine gift that God Almighty who named us as Muslims. And this name goes back before our own time and far before the time of Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was sometimes described in the Quran as ‘the first of the Muslims’.

No Terror With White Suspects

No "Terror" With White Suspects

Covering a bomb blast targeting Borussia Dortmund, media said the attack had “terrorist involvement” when the suspect was a Muslim.


Facts about International Mother Earth Day

Being stewards of the Earth, it is the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment in a proactive manner. There is a definite purpose behind the creation of different species, be it plants or animals.

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