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Black & American- Islam Gave Me Hope

My Memories - Being Black American Muslim

For African-American folks that are Muslim, we’re little more scattered, so there’s not a community if you will. There have been times over the years where there’s been communities that have been started, but for whatever reason folks chose to go their own ways.

Baby Steps in Your Journey to Islam

Baby Steps in Your Journey to Islam

As a new convert to Islam, you will face a lot of changes both spiritually and physically. One of the most difficult changes may be with your relationships. Since Islam is often portrayed in a negative light in the media, you might find that those nearest…

"Treatment of the Soul, Healing of the Heart" - Muslim Physicians & Mental Health

LONDON – While Judeo-Christian societies considered mental illness to be a “punishment of gods’, early Muslim physicians made it a special branch of medicine calling it “the treatment of the soul” or “healing of the heart”, My Salaam reported on February 13. Medieval Muslim physicians were interested in all branches of medicine, including psychology. In …

Az-Zahrawi: The Great Muslim Surgeon

The 10th century saw the zenith of the Umayyad golden age in Andalusia. Under the leadership of ‘Abd ar-Rahman An-Nasir (r. 912-961) and his son Al-Hakam II, this dynasty established sovereignty over the majority of the Iberian Peninsula. The capital Cordoba developed into Europe’s greatest metropolis, a thriving city of half a million, where educational and …

First Muslim Lifestyle App Goes Global

COPENHAGEN — The first Muslim lifestyle app, Salam Planet, goes global starting from today, January 31, according to British Muslim Magazine. “The app is now ready to launch in key markets, such as Pakistan, UK, USA, and other Muslim countries. After receiving a $1M seed investment from Copenhagen-based Promentum Equity Partners,” informed the programmer Omair …

Muslim Woman Proves Arranged Marriages Are Legitimate American Love Story

CALIFORNIA – Growing up in California to Iraqi Muslim immigrants, Huda Al-Marashi has always dreamed of her own love story that ends with a surprise proposal and a happily-ever-after end, The Star reported. In a family that follows arranged marriage, she got engaged to a family friend after high-school graduation. This struggle to honor her …

Muslims Petition Nike Over Shoes Logo with Allah's Name

WASHINGTON, DC – Thousands of Muslims have urged Nike to recall its new Air Max trainer, saying the logo on the bottom of the shoes resembles the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic. “Nike has produced the Nike Air Max 270 shoe with the script logo on the sole resembling the word Allah in Arabic, which will …

I Wondered Why Muslims Are So Proud

I Wondered Why Muslims Are So Proud

I was always curious why Muslims are so proud that they are Muslims. I was Catholic, a good one, but I always had doubts and I didn’t agree with some parts of my religion…

The Muslim Chemistry Revolutionaries!

The Muslim Chemistry Revolutionaries!

Muslims played a large part in our modern society today with their discoveries in chemistry. Check out the Muslim Chemistry revolutionaries and what they developed!

What Does Religion Mean to You? Perspectives on Faith in Canada's Sask

CBC Saskatchewan spoke to a variety of people throughout the week on religion Religion continues to be an important part of people’s lives in Saskatchewan, even though their religious practices may be changing SASKATCHEWAN – In cooperation with the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, a recent CBC survey has found that Saskatchewan’s religious population is decreasing. However, …

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