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No Home for Muslim Orphans in Northern Myanmar

The Muslim community could not repair or rebuild a damaged orphanage, as local authorities transferred the ownership rights to a nearby primary school Muslim religious buildings and shops were burned downed in Lashio of restive Shan state by a mob of Buddhist rioters in 2013. LASHIO, Myanmar –  Rohingya Muslims are concerned that orphans have …

What Is the Status of Jesus in Islam

What Is the Status of Jesus in Islam?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: 1- It may be a surprise to many people in America that we Muslims also believe in Jesus. 2- Although we do not celebrate Christmas, but we …

Immigration numbers

Dutch Still Get it Wrong on Muslims: New Study

AMSTERDAM – According to Ipsos Perils of Perception survey,  the Dutch people, fuelled by Islamophobia, overestimate the number of Muslims in the Netherlands and the percentage of the population born abroad, Dutch News reported on December 6. The research, which takes place in 37 countries, shows that the Dutch think 26% of the population were born outside …

British Mosques Train Women for Senior Roles

British Mosques Train Women for Senior Roles

LONDON – The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) launched its ‘Women in Mosques Development Programme’ to support female leaders in finding roles in mosque boards and managerial positions, Eastern Eye reported on December 5. “As a woman leader, the programme helps you feel confident enough to put yourself forward in the position. Should a situation arise where the …

South African

South African National Park Gets First Mosque

PHALABORWA – The Kruger National Park in South Africa erected its first ever mosque on December 3, Rekord Centurion Muslims reported. “The initiative was aimed at promoting inclusivity and diversity at the park. Many of the park’s visitors are Muslim, which had made an increased need for the mosque clear.” said the park’s managing executive, Glenn …

Brooklynn Muslims

'Muslims in Brooklyn': New Oral History Project at Historical Society

Muslim residents of Brooklyn have spoken — and you can hear their words starting on Dec. 6 “Muslims in Brooklyn” features interviews with 50 Muslims who discuss their lives in the borough. NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Historical Society in the USA will launch its newest oral history project ‘Muslims in Brooklyn’ on December 6 …

Canadian mosque

Canadian Mosque Delivers Milestone 15,000th Meal

TARIC Islamic Centre serves up hundreds of meals a week to those in need The initiative overlaps with a holy month in the Islamic calendar, which recognizes the birth of Prophet Muhammad. TORONTO – A Canadian mosque dished out its milestone 15,000th meal as part of its soup kitchen and meal delivery service on December …

Hijab Ban

Nigerian Parents Sue School Over Hijab Ban

LAGOS – Nigerian Muslim parents sued a school in Ibadan, Nigeria after the administration barred 11 Muslim girls from wearing hijab in classrooms. Muslim News reported on December 3. The ISI Muslim Parents Forum asked the court to declare the action of the school “a violation of the students’ rights to freedom of thought, conscience and …

Quit Smoking

Entire Turkish Village Quits Smoking

YOZGAT – Although smoking is forbidden in Islam, millions of Muslims are unfortunately addicted to tobacco. But things are now different in Haydarbeyli, a village in Anatolia, Turkey, where none of its 180 residents smoke, and the handful that used to, have quit, Daily Sabah reported on December 3. One of the residents, Muhsin Varol, …

New Muslim- 4 Tips to Minimize Your Stress

New Muslim: 4 Tips to Minimize Your Stress

With negative pressure from some fellow Muslims, the daily media pressure, and all the challenges of learning about Islam, many new Muslims find themselves more stressed than ever before. Which can lead them to wonder where is the peace promised in Islam?

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