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Missouri Hosts Great Muslim Food Fest

The Muslim community in Missouri hosted on Sunday, October 15, the Great Muslim Food fest, offering non-Muslims a chance to know their Muslim neighbors by speaking “the international language of food.”

good day

For Ladies: Have a Good Day, the Islamic Way

A Blessed Morning Wake up in the morning with gratitude in your heart. Express gratitude that all your limbs and faculties are intact and that Allah has blessed you with another day to serve Him. You could’ve woken up with a bad headache or aches and pains but if your health is in order, give …

Are Muslims Superior to Non-Muslims?

Are Muslims Superior to Non-Muslims?

Being Muslim doesn’t make them superior to anyone. In fact, being Muslim makes them even more aware of how men and women are just passing through this world for a short time and that while they are here they live as brothers and sisters.

Muslims Raise Funds for Las Vegas Victims

Devastated by the huge number of victims in Las Vegas shooting, American Muslims rushed to raise funds and offer help to families of victims and survivors of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Manchester Stabbed Muslim Surgeon Forgives Attacker

Dr Nasser Kurdy, who treated victims of Manchester arena attack earlier this year, has forgiven the attacker who stabbed him yesterday in front of a Manchester mosque, saying he feels “no negative emotions”.

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