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CollabDeen, New Smart App for Muslims in Ramadan

Muslim entrepreneur Fateh Ali and his partner Mohamed Hussain will launch a smart startup app named ‘CollabDeen’ in the holy month of Ramadan This app is meant to encourage Muslim millennials all over the world to visit mosques daily and contribute to their communities, My Salaam reported. “The trigger for developing CollabDeen came when I …

Mo Salah Named One of Time’s World 100 Most Influential People

Egyptian Muslim superstar Mohamed Salah has been named one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine, The BBC reported. “People always have big expectations from you,” Salah said in his interview. “You see the kids, they’re wearing your shirt and they say they wish they could be like you one day. “So …

Mosque with Minaret Set to Be Constructed in Southern Croatia

The dream of having a first mosque with minaret in southern Croatia’s Dubrovnik city will become a reality in just two years according to news reports, Total Croatia News reported. “The project will go its way, it will not take long until we get the construction permit, so we’re currently preparing the paperwork, and everything …

The Qiblah - One Direction One God one People

The Qiblah - One Direction, One People, One God

The qiblah was not always oriented towards Makkah. The first Muslims prayed towards the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Around sixteen months after Prophet Muhammad and his followers migrated from Makkah to the city of Madinah, the qiblah was changed to the Ka’bah.

All You Need to Know About Ramadan

All You Need to Know About Ramadan

You may have heard about Ramadan as a time during which followers of Islam abstain from food and drink each day from dawn until sunset, but there’s much more to this month than simply not eating or drinking. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic…

New York Muslims & Jews Gather for Lunch & Fellowship

NEW YORK – The Jewish Center and Federation of the Twin Tiers and the Islamic Association of the Finger Lakes (IAFL) in New York, the USA announced teaming up next Sunday, April 14 to host a potluck lunch, My Twintiers reported on April 10. “One of the things that have been bothering me personally, and as …

Chapel Hill: Father of Slain Students Brings Congress Committee to Tears

Four years on losing his two daughters and son-in-law, North Carolina Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha brought members of the House Judiciary Committee to tears as he recalled his loss on Tuesday, New Observer reported. “Three beautiful young Americans were brutally murdered, and there is no question in our minds that this tragedy was born of bigotry …

I Used to Hate Muslims - This is why I Became One

I Used to Hate Muslims - This is why I Became One

I hated Muslims, I thought all Muslims should die, and anyone who even resembled Muslims, in my mind, that they shouldn’t exist, they should go back to their countries… the common American idea of what Islam is, but that was my own ignorance and following the media.

Good Muslims Do Bad Things Too

Good Muslims Do Bad Things Too

We live in a pretty confusing time, especially for Muslim youth, who are often thrust into contradictory environments simultaneously.

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