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Why It Is Important to Study Quran Collectively

Why It Is Important to Study Quran Collectively

Your journey through the Quran requires that you seek and join a community of quest and study. No doubt you will read the Quran individually. But your benefits will multiply if you join in fellowship with other believers and seekers after the Quran. In companionship, the states of the heart may be intensified. Many minds …


Irreligious Father: How to Raise My Muslim Child?

In this counseling answer: “You need to make some decisions, as a family preferably, on what kind of environment you want your child grow up in and then commit to providing it. This means that you and your husband must decide how YOU want to live your life and what is important to you. Do not think …

Did Jesus Claim That He Is God

Did Jesus Claim That He Is God?

Short Answer:  The very same First Commandment is endorsed by Jesus in Mark: [And one of the scribes came, and … asked him, Which is the first commandment of all? And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:] (Mark 12:28-29, KJV) We do not find Jesus …

A Muslim’s Experience of Christmas

A Muslim’s Experience of Christmas

That time of year is always exciting and happy and wonderful. So to see other people experience that on their special occasions only brings me joy as well. It makes me happy to see others happy…

One of My Biggest Struggles Was the Hijab

One of My Biggest Struggles Was the Hijab

I first encountered hijab when I went to study abroad in London, and I met so many women who wore it. Back then I didn’t really understand it and what it meant, but I remember thinking that these women were very beautiful, and I always wondered what I could do to look like that.

Is My Son’s Name Appropriate in Islam

Is My Son's Name Appropriate in Islam?

In this counseling answer: “I don’t see any reason to re-name your child. Many people are under that impression. A child or revert to Islam must take an Arabic name. However, this is incorrect. The prophet peace be upon him only made people change their names if it had a bad meaning or its meaning opposed the …

Strasbourg Attack: Muslim Left in Coma Dies

STRASBOURG – A French Muslim man passed away on Thursday, December 13, two days after being shot and left in coma by a gunman at a Strasbourg’s Christmas market on the evening of December 11, EuroNews reported. “My brother Kamal is a 45-year-old mechanic who has three children. He hass lived in France for 18 …

Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen): Master of Optics

One of the brightest names in Islamic medieval sciences is that of mathematician and scholar Abu ‘Ali al-Hasan bin al-Hasan bin al-Haytham, known as “Alhazen” to the Western world. Born in Basra, Iraq in 965, he won repute there as a mathematician and engineer. He was invited to move to Cairo, Egypt by the Fatimid …


My Daughter Hates Modest Clothes

In this counseling answer: “Just tell her that, you do not respect immodesty, but you do respect her mind and soul, so tell her that you believe in her capacity to see through the garbage and lies and tricks of our enemies to the beauty and truth of Islam, even if she is not strong …

5 Muslim Qualities Can Bring You to Paradise

5 Muslim Qualities Can Bring You to Paradise

One of the most beautiful things I found in Islam when I first encountered it was the emphasis on good manners. One quote a shaykh once made in a lecture particularly stuck with me: “A Muslim is made by manners.” Nowadays something strange is going…

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