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"Streets Are My Home"

What goes through your mind when you pass them on the street? Many of us who are lucky enough to have a dinner ready after coming home from school, a comfortable bed to lie in at night, and parents who support us financially, probably wouldn’t understand what it feels like to spend the coldest night …


Find Your Suitable Career (Tips and Advice)

Are you a job seeker? You don’t like your current job, and you are thinking about a career shifting? Or you may be a fresh graduate who need a job and you’re looking to start your career? is lighting your way with some advices and tips that would help you hunt the most suitable …

First Step to Guard Your Faith in Campus

First Step to Guard Your Faith in Campus

Concerned about your faith in campus? In this video, Imam Hussein Kamani addresses freshmen on how to ground themselves after leaving the ever watchful environment they have been raised in. How can the youth protect their faith and overcome the may new temptations? Here, Imam Kamani gives valuable advice; never compromise your Salah. Prayer is very important in the …

Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

If you are a student, do you prefer congregational prayers or you just pray alone? Here is why the question is important. The company that you keep will either make you or break you. If you want to be a better person, be around people who will help you improve. Where to find these friends? …

Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Future Imams need to remember that every precious and great thing requires hard work and huge efforts. No different to this is knowledge, even more so knowledge in Islam. It is the noblest thing in life; it can never be attained but through continuous work, staying up nights, repetition, giving up comforts and denying one’s enjoyments. …


Top 3 Free Apps You Need to Download This Ramadan

To tell you honestly, I am not an Apps, social media and sometimes even modern technology fan at all. In Ramadan, I tend to be even stricter to myself and hibernate or block all sites that oftentimes distract me. Bye-bye Facebook, bye-bye Messenger. I know there are Apps dedicated to Muslim users in general, among …

why can't I marry whom I want

Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

When Muslim youth of different cultural backgrounds become attracted to each other, there are typically at least two reactions from others.

British Muslims

What Are the Problems with British Muslim Youth?

I watched the second episode of “Extremely British Muslims” the other day and what can I say? It made me very sad. British Muslim youth seem to have been neglected by the British authorities, media and members of the public as well as members of their own community. They seem to be in a limbo …

Walking Guilty - The Weight of Doubt & Sin

Author Umm Zakiyyah shares how her efforts to attain “religious safety” made her faith suffer—because she consistently chose the strictest opinion, rather than risk “walking guilty,” carrying the weight of doubt and sin. I thought I had it all figured out. I know that sounds cliché, naïve even, but it’s true. I wasn’t going to …

marrying a virgin

But She Must Be a Virgin!

Undoubtedly, it is extremely hypocritical for men to require “pure” brides while they don’t hold themselves to the same standards of purity.

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