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Where do Muslim Students Stand at America’s Top-Rated High School?

Where Do Muslim Students Stand at America’s Top-Rated High School?

Phillips Academy, a private college-prep school located in Andover Massachusetts, has copious clubs for students to lead and join. Hana Illikkal and Moumina Khan are co-leaders of the Muslim Student Association. When asked why they decided to become the authority figures of this club, they had unique responses, but for both girls, it came down …


How to Motivate Ourselves?

Often the most difficult challenge to improving our life, to making a change, or to implement a plan is finding out how to motivate ourselves to take the first step toward a goal and then to remain constantly motivated. Have you given some thought to what motivates you? What gets you going when there are …

Change of Heart - Inspiring Short Film

Change of Heart - Inspiring Short Film

What happens when one’s past comes back to haunt them? What if you get to know about sins your spouse committed in the past? Do we as Muslims accept each others’ repentance and let it go or we judge each other ? Does a change of heart change the past? Watch this short film by West …

Breaking Fears, Muslim Youth Hand Out Roses to Passersby in 10 Countries

Young Muslims across 10 European countries handed out roses and flyers with basic information on Islam in an event designed to break fears and prejudices against Muslims and to promote empathy, Daily Sabah reported Monday, April 15. The events, organized by the Islamic Community Milli Gorus (ICMG) organization, expanded from Germany to the Netherlands, Austria, …

Heads Up Guys: Campus Life Is a Challenge

Whether you are living in dorms or stay at home while going to campus, college presents a new set of challenges for Muslim youth. This type of environment has a lot of dating, casual sex, drugs/alcohol and challenges towards Islamic rules of interaction for genders. It doesn’t mean this environment is always a struggle and …

How Memorizing the Qur’an will Improve your Focus

How Memorizing the Qur’an will Improve your Focus

When was the last time you focused so intensely on something that you lost track of time and didn’t feel the hours passing by? When was the last time you focused on a single task without being distracted for more than 25 minutes? Having the ability to focus on something deeply is becoming a lost …

Good Muslims Do Bad Things Too

Good Muslims Do Bad Things Too

We live in a pretty confusing time, especially for Muslim youth, who are often thrust into contradictory environments simultaneously.

Muslim Youth Embrace Islamic Pride in Houston

Assalam Regards At his Houston-area high school, 17-year-old Mohamad Alwan is one of the students spreading the word about the newly formed Muslim Student Association (MSA). The new group, which was only formed this school year, boasts about 30 Muslim students and even a sprinkling of non-Muslims. “We (Muslims) can’t hide in the shadows,” Mohamad, …

power of love

Muslim Youth and the Power of Love

You and I have read stories and watched films about love. You know the usual scenario: man and woman meet, fall in love, surmount impossible obstacles, and then either live happily ever after or one of them dies and it becomes a tragedy. The story of life! We sit and munch on popcorn until the …


Marriage for Young Muslims: Making a Place of Love

Home is a place of love from which the body may leave but not the heart. No one has invented a place that provides tranquility and love; a soft place to fall, that is better than home. One’s happiest moment is entering a peaceful loving home. The human soul is joined for life to its …

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