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Haram Relationships

Counselors’ Tips on How to End Haram Relationships

Temptation is all around us, yet one temptation that proves to be formidable is haram relationships. It is such a growing issue in our Muslim communities that amongst college students in America, 57% of men and 48% of women report engaging in premarital sex. Our society markets sexuality and relationships outside the context of marriage …

Yasmin Mogahed on Romantic Love - Powerful Talk

Yasmin Mogahed on Romantic Love - Powerful Talk

In this video, sister Yasmin Mogahed gives a powerful lecture on ‘romantic love’ and how people can do it the wrong way. Yasmin Mogahed is known for her gift of captivating an entire audience with her thoughts and insightful reflections. She is a Psychology graduate who specializes at spirituality, relationships, and personal development. She attained her Masters …


Can Muslims Have Fun?

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions people have about Islam is that Muslims can’t have fun. Ask a random selection of people to come up with five words that describe Muslims, and I’m sure “fun” won’t be on the list! Muslims, too, need to examine their own understanding of what it means to be Muslim. …

An Islamic Summer for the Youth

An Islamic Summer for the Youth: Any Suggestions?

Short Answer:  The most important element of a successful summer vacation from an Islamic perspective is the company we keep. Our friends will either make or break our deen. Getting daily exercise with the brothers will keep your summer relaxing and will help to control your desires. Perhaps you can join Islamic summer camps. They would be both …

Ramadan lantern

The Amazing Race of Ramadan (Series)

In a smooth, appealing writing style, Lilly Mohsen writes a 4-part-series on the blessings of Ramadan. Don’t miss this special collection! Episode One The Amazing Race of Ramadan: It’s an Inside Job! Thundering, slamming sounds of doors locking. Roaring noises of steel chains clattering together. Hearts melt as the smiles fill the skies. And the golden …


Why Volunteer in Ramadan?

Ramadan is truly a blessed time, a special time when we discover the reality of ourselves. For some, this is a frightening experience while it is reassuring for others. When we endure the rigors of fasting, our pretenses fall and we are more likely to see what we are really made of. This can be …


What Would You Do for Love?

As an American Muslim girl who went to public school throughout my youth, I myself often worked through the natural struggle of physical attraction to non-Muslim (and Muslim) classmates.

Muslim Youth - Get Strong If You’ve to Be Different

Muslim Youth: Get Strong If You’ve to Be Different

As Muslims living in the modern world we have to interact. Today is not a time for isolation. The world needs good people to step up and make a stand, have a voice and be a power of good, and as individuals our faith increases when we live Islam, not just talk about it. This …

Fool's day

April Fool’s Day: Muslims Also Like to Have Fun

Blue food coloring on toothbrushes. Glue on doorknobs and mayonnaise-filled donuts. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… Oops wait, I think I confused favorite things with funny pranks LOL. But then again that’s what April Fool’s Day is all about, it’s actually some people’s favorite day of the year, where they get to make …


Marriage for Young Muslims: Making a Place of Love

Home is a place of love from which the body may leave but not the heart. No one has invented a place that provides tranquility and love; a soft place to fall, that is better than home. One’s happiest moment is entering a peaceful loving home. The human soul is joined for life to its …

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