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How A Yoga Class Made Me Fall in Love with Prayer

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with praying. It was February and I was numb. My heart had experienced loss, and as a result my life had consisted of profound emptiness. That cold Saskatchewan morning, I met with a friend for breakfast before heading to a yoga class nearby. I was exhausted. …

Challenges for Muslims in the West... Will Our Grandchildren Be Muslim?

Will Our Grandchildren Be Muslim? - Dr. Altaf Husain

In view of the enormous challenges facing Islam and Muslims in the US and in the West in general, this question is fully justified. The question is meant to provoke thinking and to prompt work and effort. What are the hardships that threaten the future Islamic existence? What are the challenges that our grandchildren will …

Is Love an Essential Ingredient Before Marriage?

Why are we still single? Are we going through a marriage crisis? Is love an essential ingredient before marriage? Please note this is part three of the post. If you haven’t had the chance to read part one and part two ,we recommend you do so to be able to understand the whole message. There are 8 essential …

Halal matchmaking

Halal Matchmaking: New Way to Complete Half Your Deen?

I remember growing up and my mom telling me stories of how she met my dad. They were young. Her dad was the community sheikh and had taught my dad Quran classes from a young age. My mom moved to Cairo with her dad, and my dad moved to Canada, but as soon as my dad had …

best friends boys

Muslim College Student: My Best Friends are Boys

Short answer: You should try to be a good friend to everyone, but realize that friendships have boundaries.  A friendship between a boy and a girl must stay within the boundaries of what is permissible.  You can be friends only for the sake of Allah –to help one another in staying on the Straight Way …

Can Muslim Youth Study Arts?

Can Muslim Youth Study Arts?

What is the Islamic opinion about Muslims who are trained in the field of arts (film, theatre, music, etc.) and their responsibility within non-Muslim lands?


Navigating the Muslim Marriage Crisis - Why Are We Still Single?

Why are we still single? Are we going through a marriage crisis? Is love an essential ingredient before marriage? Growing up in the West has had a major influence on us as single Muslims in how we live our lives and how we view and seek marriage. Many of us have grown a thick skin …

Young Muslims in the West, Why the Struggle?

TEXAS – A new research by Yaqeen Institute has examined the struggle many Muslim youth face in the west, trying to balance their faith and western community. This video, created by Yaqeen Institute, is based on “Exploring the Faith and Identity Crisis of American Muslim Youth” research earlier this year by Sheikh Omar Suleiman. “Muslim …

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