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Why I Wear Hijab

Why I Wear Hijab

I often wonder whether people see me as a radical fundamentalist and terrorist Muslim who hides an AK-47 assault rifle underneath her jean jacket. Perhaps, they see me as the poster girl for oppressed womanhood everywhere. I am not sure which of the two it is. I get the whole gamut of strange looks, stares, …

Student Highlights Female Muslim Sports Achievements

A Muslim student at the University of Alberta, Canada, has been awarded a stipend to work during summer on her research project on the participation of Muslim women in sports, correcting misconceptions about them.

Pool Curtains Integrate Aussie Muslim Women

An Auburn public pool has installed privacy curtains and introduced a two-hour women-only swim period on Sundays so that Muslim women can swim without being seen by other pool users.

Meet This Inspirational Hijabi Engineer

Fatema Karim Khaku, an inspirational young civil engineer, who has achieved great things in her role and not once feeling like Hijab has limited her in any way.


My Job Is a Full-time Mother

British author, George Orwell, once said, “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”As true as this may have been during Orwell’s lifetime—he died in 1950—it seems even more so in our contemporary discussions about the importance of motherhood. Why is it …

US Muslim Shopper’s Harassment Condemned

A Facebook video showing an American woman’s racist attack targeting a Muslim shopper has stirred angry reactions, as the number of harassment complaints targeting Muslims in the US doubled to 10 folds compared to last year.

Youth marriage

Youth Marriage: How Far Parents Shall Be Involved?

They say, “Youth is wasted on the young”. There is some degree of truth behind these words. Youth is that time of life that is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. It is charged with idealism, and fueled by a strong desire to pursue dreams in the pursuit of a bright and happy future, leaving no …

Do Muslim Women Need Financial Independence?

I often come across rather polarized views regarding women and wealth. On one end, are the slightly misogynistic myths that purport that if a woman is allowed to earn her own money and become financially independent, she becomes too headstrong and rebellious, and loses interest in living a simple life that is spent mostly at …


Stories of Muslim Women Who Had Abortions

With regards to Muslim women, there is almost no detailed information regarding their experiences with abortion. The sole study available online that focuses specifically on Muslim women is found through the official journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

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