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“Polygamy, Not My Problem”- A Muslim Woman

Those women who seek to “love polygamy” often live in psychological and emotional turmoil as they deny themselves the right to hurt or even cry. They feel guilty for any resentment or emotional outbursts..

American Women Set to March to Repudiate Trump

Women’s March Set to Protest Trump’s Inauguration

Hundreds of thousands are organizing their forces to attend the Women’s March on Washington one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, in what is anticipated to become the largest demonstration in the American history.


“Finally, I Am No Longer Wearing Makeup”

“An hour? It takes you an hour to do your make up every day?” I laughed embarrassedly as my friend teased me, his tone only half serious and the other half playful . “You could have a talent. You could use that hour every day to learn a new language or play the violin. You …

Aussie Retailer Praised for Featuring Hijabi

Aussie Retailer Praised for Featuring Hijabi

An Australian retailer’s back to school catalogue has been widely praised for encouraging diversity and true representation of the society after it featured children with disabilities and from diverse ethnic backgrounds and faiths, including a hijabi woman.

Is It Really Hard to Please a Woman?

Men always claim that it’s hard to please a woman and that women in general are not easy to understand.  However, women don’t ask for too much in order to be pleased. The list might seem long but most of the things that women need are really simple. Check this flash and find out what makes …


At That Moment I Took Off the Hijab!

My understanding of Islam and my encounter with hijab (the Islamic dress code for women) are perhaps much different from others. While many people first learn about hijab in various ways when they embrace Islam after being guided to the right path, I, however, have been a Muslim all my life. Also, hijab was never …

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