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Texas Welcomes US First Muslim Sorority

Following the footsteps of Texas Muslim men first fraternity, nation’s first professional Muslim sorority, Mu Delta Alpha, has established a beta chapter at University of Texas, Austin chapter, to help Muslim women become leaders and professionals while sticking to their Islamic values.

Being a Muslimah Convert in the West

Being a Muslim woman in the West at this moment in time is such a strange, dangerous, and amazing thing. On one hand, we have so many freedoms and opportunities to spread out in our spirituality and practice our faith. But on the other hand, we feel fettered by societal norms that contradict our Islam, …

The Media’s Message about Muslim Women

The Media’s Message about Muslim Women

I knew the detriment the media could bring about, so it was no surprise to me when I realized that I had bought another media myth that Muslim women were oppressed. The media not only tells us what to think about ourselves, it tells us what to think of others.

Woman Creates Hijab-Grab Self-Defense Technique

– Seeing it as one of the most common harassment techniques used against Muslim women in the US, a Muslim woman has created a new self-defense technique against attacks involving grabbing hijab.


Women at the Prophet's Time: Empowered But Humble

The narration begins with Zainab present in the masjid of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) listening to him as he was exhorting the women who were there to give in charity, even from some of their trinkets and jewelry.

Muslim Women & Lingerie Stir Debate on Twitter

A Canadian reporter has created many reactions on Twitter after posting a tweet about seeing Muslim women outside a lingerie shop, facing accusations of seeing them as no normal human beings.

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