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At That Moment I Took Off the Hijab!

My understanding of Islam and my encounter with hijab (the Islamic dress code for women) are perhaps much different from others. While many people first learn about hijab in various ways when they embrace Islam after being guided to the right path, I, however, have been a Muslim all my life. Also, hijab was never …

Tales of Three Female Muslim Converts in Trump’s America

For Muslims living in today’s America, life could be challenging amid rising threats to their community, mosques and women. Converts who choose Islam are facing the same challenges, in a country which imposed a partial ban on Muslim immigrants and visitors recently.

Meet the Teen Behind Hijabi Emoji

Muslim women around the world will now be able to use a hijabi emoji thanks to a 16-year-old Saudi girl who proposed the idea which was made available last Monday on World Emoji Day.

US Mosques Teach Language of the Future

An American Muslim IT expert and university professor has started a unique educational program that turns mosques into part-time IT programing hubs, teaching young Muslim the language of the future.

US Writer Publishes First Halal Sex Guide

LONDON – An American Muslim author has penned the first ever halal sex manual for women, after being asked by a newlywed acquaintance to share some tips to young Muslim wives. “I put an emphasis on having sex only with your spouse, but having the full range of sexual experiences with that spouse,” the US-born …

Wearing Hijab in Summer … The Question and Answer

Why Do You Wear Hijab in Summer? Here is My Answer

Why do you insist on wearing Hijab in summer? Do you enjoy torturing yourself?  Don’t you feel hot? As Muslim women who wear the hijab in non-Muslim countries, we often spend our days being stared at, pointed at, and at times, even glared at. It is all part of the Muslim experience. The greatest part, though, …

modern marriages

Modern Day Marriages: When Wives “Wear the Pants”

Until two or three decades ago, when daughters were born, they were expected to eventually go on to master just a few, basic ‘womanly’ domains in adult life: the kitchen, the sewing machine, the knitting/crochet needles and embroidery hoop, the home, the entertainment of guests (i.e. hostessing), and last but not least, the bearing and …

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