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Hijab covering

How to Get My Girls to Understand and Enjoy Covering?

In this counseling answer: “Hijabs come in so many different shapes and sizes, let them try on different styles and select which one they prefer. Ensure that they pick one that will find comfortable and easy to put on. As you probably know yourself, some styles of hijab are easier to put on than others, …

Iram Habib

Defying Odds, This Muslim Girl Now Kashmir's First Female Pilot

SRINAGAR – “A Kashmiri girl can’t don the role of a pilot”, she was told. But Iram Habib’s dream to become a commercial pilot was too  strong to brush aside, so she shared it with her parents after cracking Class 12th exams. Although she managed to persuade her parents, it took her six years to convince …

Elderly Muslim Woman Preserves Armenian Church

MARDIN– An elderly Turkish Muslim woman has devoted herself to taking care of an ancient Armenian church, and she has been doing this for years, seeking God’s blessings. “I do it for Allah’s blessing. It is a good deed after all. I am here every day,” Hatun Çaçur told Daily Sabah on April 10. The …

Muslim Woman

Must a Muslim Woman Be Dressed in Black?

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: In the first place, it should be noted that there are certain requirements for a Muslim woman’s dress. These are: 1- …

How Can Muslim Women Face Modern Challenges?

How Can Muslim Women Face Modern Challenges?

The necessities of modern life have laid more burdens on women’s shoulders. Still a Muslim woman needs to abide by the teachings of her religion while going through these burdens. Yet, Islamic history is full of shining examples who can inspire contemporary Muslim women. Need to know more about them? Join Sheikh Navaid Aziz as he addresses concerns …

6 Facts Will Challenge Your Views on Women in Islam

6 Facts Will Challenge Your Views on Women in Islam

As I got to know this mysterious woman, who I thought had defied all the traditions of her religion and culture, I came to realize this idea of her was a part of my own misconceptions, and all the myths I had held to be true about Islam’s view and treatment of women began to fall away one by one.

Hijabi Muslim, Lutheran Pastor Tour US to Fight Islamophobia

WASHINGTON, DC – A hijab-wearing Muslim woman with a Harvard law degree has joined a white Lutheran pastor in developing a unique friendship, touring different American cities to fight Islamophobia and division. “I am so extremely bothered by what I see happening around us today, the growing divisiveness, polarization, hate and even violence,” Aneelah Afzali …

This is How Islam Liberated Women

This is How Islam Liberates Women

We were slaves, but they taught us we were free. We were their object, but they swore it was success. Because they taught you that the purpose of your life was to be on display, to attract and be beautiful for men, they had you believe that your body was created to market cars.

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