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5 Muslim Globetrotters Who Will Inspire You to Travel

5 Muslim Globetrotters Who Will Inspire You to Travel

Travel bloggers, who doesn’t love them? They let us experience a journey through them and share a snapshot of their adventurous lives. The travel blog market is booming and I started to ask myself: What does the lifestyle of a Muslim globetrotter look like? As a Muslim you may have things to consider before traveling, …

Getting Married? Here's Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

Getting Married? Here Are Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

As newly-weds, choosing a place to celebrate the start of your new life together can be both exciting and overwhelming. As Muslims we have a variety of travel needs, and Alhamdulillah, there are plenty of Muslim-friendly vacation spots to choose from. It was tough narrowing the possibilities down, but remember it’s not where you go to …

Korean Muslim

Being Muslim and Korean – A Combination That Surprises Many

When my airplane finally landed in Incheon at the world’s most advanced airport, I felt very excited. Not only was it the first time for me as a German citizen to travel that far, I also knew that this journey would be something special — a Muslim spending five weeks in South Korea, a country that is …


Commercializing Hajj: A Trade Boost or Trade-off?

Step outside in any cosmopolitan city in the world today, and take a good look around in the sky. You will probably soon spot at least one high-rise building in the distant skyline, cutting through the lofty cloud-dotted horizon like an upright sword. The increasing construction of tall hotels, towers, malls, and business/convention centers, has …

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