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Harvard Appoints First Muslim Chaplain

The Ivy League Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has appointed Khalil Abdur-Rashid, an adjunct professor of Islamic studies at Southern Methodist University, as first Muslim chaplain to cater to the needs of its Muslim students, six months after starting the search for a candidate.

US Welcomes First Muslim-interest Fraternity

After three years of passion and hard work, Cornell Interfraternity Council (IFC) announced on May 15 accepting Alpha Lambda Mu (ALM) as their first Muslim-interest fraternity, reported

Muslims Pray in Campus Protected by Non-Muslim Classmates

Protesting the closure of their prayer room before Ramadan, Muslim students at the University of East Anglia held Friday prayer in the middle of their campus, protected by scores of their non-Muslim classmates who came to show support.

US Muslims: Assault on Muslim Student by Teacher a Travesty

School officials fired substitute teacher Oghenetega Edah for threatening to and then ripping off the hijab of 8-year-old student Safa Alzockary. Edah, 31, commanded Alzockary to remove her hijab. When the student refused, the teacher ripped the religious head covering from her head, causing injury to her right eye.

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