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Islamic School Tops UK in Pupils’ Behavior

UK Islamic School Excels in Pupils’ Behavior

A British Islamic school in Bradford has been praised by government inspectors for the “outstanding” behavior of its pupils, giving examples to other schools and following the lead of a successful legacy in the UK.

Principal Hussein Ibrahim and vice principal Roger Lindquist. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

Hate Group Targets Swedish Muslim School

An Islamic school in Vällingby district in the western part of Stockholm Municipality has accused a far-right group of targeting its facility with hateful posters, spreading fears among young pupils.

San Diego Schools Unite Vs Islamophobia

San Diego Schools Unite against Islamophobia

Feeling the social responsibility of fighting Islamophobia and bullying, San Diego Unified School District administrators and teachers approved a plan to confront hate against Muslim students, setting a role model on integration and understanding.

Education Minister Mitzie Hunter and Michael Coteau, minister of children and youth services, said in a joint statement that they are "pleased" to see the Peel District School Board's "commitment to inclusion."  (Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star file photo)

Canadian Ministers Endorse Muslim Prayer in Schools

Two Canadian ministers endorsed on Thursday, March 23, Muslim weekly Friday prayer at schools, commending Peel municipality, Ontario, for allowing it and putting an end to brawling debate in which Islamophobic comments were yelled.

In Hijab Day, Muslim Students Find Love, Acceptance

In Hijab Day, Muslim Students Find Love, Acceptance

With the hope to raise awareness of Muslim culture and bolster solidarity, Muslim students in different universities across the US have been organizing hijab days to give their colleagues a chance to support their Muslim peers.

Muslim Basketballer Benched Over Hijab

Muslim Basketballer Benched Over Hijab

For Je’Nan Hayes, the big day in the Regional High School Championship game was awaited with passion to finalize a successful season for her Watkins Mill High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


The Prayer Not Allowed In My School

As salamu `alaykum, This issue is not one that I am familiar with, as I am presently living in a Muslim-majority country. Nonetheless, to me, this is an issue that should be brought to the attention of the school by the parents of the Muslim students, who should express their concerns in a conciliatory way …

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