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UK Muslim Harassed While Praying, University Apologizes

LONDON – The manager of the Law Department at London School of Economics in the UK has apologized to a Muslim student who was physically and verbally harassed last week by an LSE security officer while she was praying. “LSE is investigating ‘the serious allegations’ and the relevant member of staff has been removed from …

Canadian Muslim School Hosts First Road Hockey Tournament

SURREY – A Muslim school in Surrey, British Columbia, invited its students on Wednesday to learn more about Canada’s national game, taking a break from their regular curriculum to play road hockey. “A lot of our kids are new immigrants. They’re from mostly desert countries, they are not familiar with hockey very much, and yet …

Penn. Muslim Students Move Friday Prayer to Church

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania – Muslim students at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University are grateful to their Christian colleagues after they were able to move their Friday congregational prayer to the campus memorial church, allowing more Muslim students to join the service. “The basement of the Dialogue Center isn’t that big, so the space is congested,” Ibrahim Hashmi, a …

Dearborn Students Learn About Islam

DEARBORN – Students from southeast Michigan visited the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn last Thursday, part of a new program to educate them on religious diversity and interfaith relations. “I’m in my mid-40s, and these past few months have been the first times that even I’ve spent significant time in mosques,” said Wendy Miller …

US School District Rejects Muslim Holidays

A school district in New York has crashed American Muslim students’ dream of celebrating normal holidays after it refused to add two Muslim holidays to its annual calendar.

UK Muslim Students Reveal Shocking Abuse

British Muslim schoolchildren have revealed the torrent of Islamophobic abuse they receive on a daily basis in a harrowing video shared by The Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

A Girl Is Not a Girl When She Is a Student

Muslims in the Manchester area have expressed split views on the announcement that gender-neutral language will be used for communications with students at the highly successful Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (AGSG).

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