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Arizona Muslim Doctor Gets Leadership Award

Arizona Muslim Doctor Gets Leadership Award

A Muslim physician from Tempe, Arizona, will be honored by a leadership group for her efforts in educating and developing women through mentorship in a group she founded seven years ago.

Nana Asma’u - the Early Islamic Feminist Icon

Nana Asma’u - The Early Islamic Feminist Icon

Hidden in the Savanna of Nigeria, abounded with rain forests, oil palm, and fertility; a flame lit an invigorating female empowerment, leadership, and competence. The light of her works continues to inspire and is practiced 153 years ensuing her death. Daughter of the Sokoto caliph, and named after Asma’ bint Abu Bakr, she is Nana …

Muslim Doctors Prove America is Already Great

Muslim Doctors Prove America is Already Great

In the mid of rising Islamophobia, MicMedia shared a video on Saturday, October 22, on their Facebook page showing American Muslim doctors making their country great and proud of them.

Mo Farah

Mohamed Farah: From Child Refugee to Famous Athlete (Watch)

Farah, 33, is now the world’s most successful distance runner in terms of major medals, with nine Olympic and world titles after winning the gold medal  in 2016 Rio Olympics . Born in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, in1983, Mohamed Mukhtar Jama Farah, known as Mo Farah, is UK’s greatest distance runner. He earned the gold …


Muslim Woman Challenges Stereotypes about Islam in Canada

One Muslim woman is devoting much of her time to raise awareness about Islam across small town Ontario through a series of presentations and interfaith dialogue. Barbara Helms was born Christian to American parents, who were accomplished classical musicians teaching in Canada.  In her 20s, she moved from the United States to Canada to study …


US Muslim Girl Achieves Perfect SAT Score

Marium Raza, an American Muslim junior student at Redmond High School in Western Washington, has achieved perfect score on the SAT, offering an inspiration to Muslim students worldwide, LUB Pak reported.

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