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She Became A Muslim Because He Lowered His Gaze

He used to pass by her sitting on the reception of the gym every day but would never look at her. One day she asked him why, he told her because I am a Muslim. Later she accepted Islam because he lowered his gaze.


Raising a Child Between Faiths

In this counseling answer: “It would be most helpful if both of you took time throughout your period of parenting to learn about each others faith in order to establish what there is in common. This commonality is what should form the basis of life as parents, in order to avoid any conflicts of identity with your …

Finnish Man In Hajj

Brother Yusuf has been a Muslim for 15 years. This is his first Hajj and explains it as a reborn again experience.

I Had Quran In My Soul

His only guidance was music. However, he went to prison, and that is where he took his shahadah. His cell mate used to recite Quran so he had Quran in his soul!

Revert On The Plain Of Arafat!

He has Jewish ancestry but was raised a Christian! He accepted Islam and we see him on the plain of Arafat performing Hajj!

Islam Has All The Answers For You Today

One of our followers, Zaid Zeddy, shares with us his story of how he came to Islam. As he explains Islam has all the answers for us today! Check why he became a Muslim.

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