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I Had Quran In My Soul

His only guidance was music. However, he went to prison, and that is where he took his shahadah. His cell mate used to recite Quran so he had Quran in his soul!

Revert On The Plain Of Arafat!

He has Jewish ancestry but was raised a Christian! He accepted Islam and we see him on the plain of Arafat performing Hajj!

Islam Has All The Answers For You Today

One of our followers, Zaid Zeddy, shares with us his story of how he came to Islam. As he explains Islam has all the answers for us today! Check why he became a Muslim.

From Mormon Missionary To Islam

From Mormon Missionary To Islam

From the age of 13 he was a Mormon. He remembers how fake he felt being a Mormon missionary because he felt he didn’t believe in what they taught. He was at a very dark place and nearly killed himself.

I Want People To Know I Was Not Forced Into Islam

A French sister explains that she was not forced into Islam. This is something she chose for herself and the more she discusses it, the more she opens up people’s minds about Islam. She was also not forced to wear hijab either.

I Was An Atheist For 15 Years Before Islam

Jerry was an atheist for 15 years before he accepted Islam. He said his nafs was drawn to it but he believes that most people are atheists to be social more than anything else.

A Convert: I’m Struggling with My Christian Mom

A Convert: I’m Struggling with My Christian Mom

As-Salamu Aleikom, In this video, you will learn some alternative ways convert Muslims can do to establish a better relationship with their non-Muslim parents. *** Disclaimer: The conceptualization and recommendations stated in this response are very general and purely based on the limited information provided in the question. In no event shall AboutIslam, its counselors …

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