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"What Did You Say?"

I have a toddler who is very loud. She’s so loud that you can’t help but hear what she is saying (or demanding). Like when she is in the grocery store screaming for a chocolate bar. Or when she is in the masjid reading Surah Al-fatiha louder than the imam. Or when she is playing …


How to Get Your Daughter to Wear Hijab in 12 Steps

Recently I was at a ladies-only event, but since it was held in a public venue, many of the women remained covered just in case a random man walked in. At some point, I ended up sitting near a couple of older sisters whom I had never met.  For several minutes they sat silently and …

After Converting, How to Deal with My Christian Daughters?

In this counseling answer: •Concerning your daughters, I would advise you again to be patient. Sometimes, when we know how good something is, our natural inclination is to want those whom we love to have it as well; the problem is they may not be ready to accept it. In this case, your encouragement to …

Happy holiday

For Muslim Families: Happy Holidays!

It is commonly known that as soon as the Halloween buzz ends, the colorful decorations, songs, and merchandises that symbolize the onset of Christmas, begin to appear at the grocery stores, malls, on the public main streets, and even few walking steps from where you and your family reside-your neighborhood. The signs are everywhere, signifying …

Tell Your Kids the Story of Jesus

Tell Your Kids the Story of Jesus

Many times in the year while Christians celebrate their religious occasions like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, Muslim parents might face some questions raised by their children about Christianity and Jesus Christ. These occasions are the best time for Muslim parents to educate their children about other faiths and how Muslims respect other people’s beliefs. It’s …

What Do Muslims Do When Santa Comes?

What Do Muslims Do When Santa Comes?

Muslims living in the west are faced with the question of what to do when they are asked to participate in Christmas celebrations, gift giving, and parties. On the one hand, they have a shared reverence for Jesus Christ.  Muslims  honor him and they value everything that he bought as the next to the last …

8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children

8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children

Maybe you know all of them, may be you know some. But, do you have any of these habits? If yes, you got to stop immediately! 8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children Posted by Now I've Seen Everything on Monday, 3 December 2018

shocked man

Should Husbands Attend Their Wives’ Labor?

The main excuse presented for why men shouldn’t view their wife giving birth is that it will be traumatic for him to witness. It is commonly believed that it could be detrimental to the couple’s sex life for a man to see his wife like that.


10 Ways to Get Your Kids Love Prayer

As Muslims, we all know the importance of Salah (prayer). It is the first thing that we will be brought to account for in front of Allah (swt), and is the most important pillar of Islam after the Shahadah. Thus, it is so important that we encourage our children to form the habit of praying, …


Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West

In this counseling answer: •Use the true, proper Islamic methods of training for children upbringing. •Always have good and sound communication with the child •Get actively involved at the child’s school. •Get actively involved with the Muslim community, where the child can have a much better opportunity to meet other Muslim children of his age …

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