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How to Get Your Daughter to Wear Hijab in 12 Steps

Recently I was at a ladies-only event, but since it was held in a public venue, many of the women remained covered just in case a random man walked in. At some point, I ended up sitting near a couple of older sisters whom I had never met.  For several minutes they sat silently and …


The Prophet & the Spider –The Story Of Hijrah

The children gather around, waiting for the story to unravel. A story about a man running away – an escape plan – he is being hunted down – but there is a resolve – a new place – a peaceful place – called Madinah. Their Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was accompanied by …

Ken Robinson

'Why Do Schools Kill Creativity?' Sir Ken Robinson on Education Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson, a leading thinker on creativity and education, has studied our models of education and their effect on societies around the world. His ideas about education, and how to change it, have resonated across cultures and audiences. Robinson believes that the current systems of mass education are outmoded, too standardized, and stifle true …

Do You Really Know the Story of Hijrah?

Editor’s note: In this article, Selma Cook narrates the story of Prophet Muhammad’s Hijrah to Madinah as an informative background for parents. Read the story and narrate it to your kids. When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) first started to tell people about the message of Islam, he was talking to people who …

back to school

Tips and Tricks for Back to School: Ideas for Moms

Switching from a summer vacation to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. Avoid first-day-of-school mayhem by practicing your routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning rituals, and get in the car or to the bus stop on time. Routines help children feel comfortable, …


What’s Inside the School Lunchbox?

It’s back to school time and every mom knows that eating healthy food full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients helps her children to concentrate and learn better. However, preparing healthy lunches and snacks for kids is not an easy task. Here, we provide you with helpful tips and nutritious recipes that would help you …

back to school

Essential Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement as well as anxiety for both parents and children. Help calm your child’s fears (and your own) with these teacher-approved tips. Stress Management. The first thing you need to do as a parent is to make sure you are calm and ready for …

That's What Muhammad Said

That's What Muhammad Said - Song for Children

Teach your kids Islamic values and prophetic teachings through nasheeds. Lyrics: I try not to waste water That’s what Muhammad said, And always fill a bowl Cause that’s what Muhammad said, be nice to my father That’s what Muhammad said, Better to my mother That’s what Muhammad said, Respect to my elders That’s what Muhammad …


Juggling Motherhood and Celebrating `Eid

`Eid is here. It’s you, your husband, this great festivity and…a truck load of children. Even on “normal” days, quite a lot of the havoc can be overwhelming. Preparing food, getting out of the house, keeping those tantrums at bay – it sounds like it nearly can’t be done. Nonetheless, when there is a will …

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