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How to Get Married - Without Dating First!

How to Get Married - Without Dating First!

On February 10 2018, Shaykh Daood Butt gave a presentation at the first Marriage Conference ever held in Kenya on how to make marriage a ‘lifelong honeymoon.’ While in Montreal, Shaykh Daood was involved in various Da’wah activities including lectures and khutbah in English, French, and Arabic. In 2015 he was awarded Imam of the Year …


Remaining Childless: Why Is It a Cultural Taboo?

Our culture is one of procreation; children are regarded as blessings from God, and we are told our progeny will spread Islam. Delaying marriage, waiting to begin a family, or experiencing infertility each amount to disregarding this sacred duty. While it is considered taboo in many cultures to remain childless- and the Muslim culture is …


How Can Newly-Weds Avoid the Pitfalls of Marriage?

No matter what stage you are at in your marriage you can benefit from the information given by Haleh Banani who has her Masters in Clinical Psychology, with over 15 years experience giving marital and individual therapy. She will give you the necessary tools to improve your marriage by answering some of the most frequently …

gender roles

Discussing Gender Roles in Muslim Marriages

Gender roles are not simply “social constructs” but expressions of our biological natures. In this video, Karim Serageldin discusses the broad patterns that have been observable through out human history. Karim Serageldin, founder of Noor, completed his BA in psychology & religion, followed by an MA in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. He …

Blessings in intercultural marriage

So Many Blessings in Intercultural Marriage

Read part one Read part two Read part three Read part four As mentioned in previous articles in this series, intercultural marriages can be challenging. They may even run into issues just getting started in the first place! Some potential spouses face opposition from friends and family, or have to overcome stereotypes to see the …


Before You Marry Me, No-Polygamy Clause Needed

“I hope you don’t plan on doing something like that,” I said. His smile faded. “Doing something like what?” “Marrying another wife.” He was quiet for some time. “Of course not.” “Good.” I folded my arms across my chest. “Anyway, I read that I can put a no-polygamy clause in my contract.” He nodded slowly. …

Silent treatment

When to Give Your Spouse the ‘Silent Treatment’?

A husband comes home from work. His wife is silent, giving muted, monosyllabic replies to his cheerful banter. “What’s wrong?” He asks. No response. “Is it something I said?” Still no reply. By now he is racking his brain, going over the events of the past week to fish out the possible reason for his …

economics in Marriage

The Economic Dynamics of Muslim Marriage

It would not be an exaggeration to say that nowadays, the worldly pursuit and acquisition of wealth and material comforts is a high priority for most people, towards which their efforts are directed from a very early age. Success in today’s world is gauged on one predominant factor: being wealthy,- at least apparently so. Anyone …


Just for Brides- to-be

It’s really so stressful and arduous when you find yourself stuck in the middle of disturbing details of preparing for your wedding, while time is counting down. Although you feel so excited and happy, you are also so stressed, can’t stop thinking about all of those endless details that you are supposed to settle during …

Female Muslim converts marriage

The Challenges Muslim Converts Face When It Comes to Marriage

For many women who choose to convert to Islam, learning how to pray, giving up certain foods, and dressing differently are some of the challenges that Insha’Allah they will find easy to overcome. Next on the lips of well-meaning advisers is the reminder that marriage is ‘half our deen’ and there is no reason to …

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