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Marriage for Young Muslims: Making a Place of Love

Home is a place of love from which the body may leave but not the heart. No one has invented a place that provides tranquility and love; a soft place to fall, that is better than home. One’s happiest moment is entering a peaceful loving home. The human soul is joined for life to its …


How Can Newly-Weds Avoid the Pitfalls of Marriage?

No matter what stage you are at in your marriage you can benefit from the information given by Haleh Banani who has her Masters in Clinical Psychology, with over 15 years experience giving marital and individual therapy. She will give you the necessary tools to improve your marriage by answering some of the most frequently …

Silent Spouses: Misunderstanding Patience

Many marriages start off and continue along this leg. After the idyllic honeymoon vacation is over, ‘normal’ life resumes with a start, akin to a parked vehicle revving up and lurching into motion.


Just for Brides- to-be

It’s really so stressful and arduous when you find yourself stuck in the middle of disturbing details of preparing for your wedding, while time is counting down. Although you feel so excited and happy, you are also so stressed, can’t stop thinking about all of those endless details that you are supposed to settle during …

The Master Key to Overcoming Difficulties in Marriage

The Master Key to Overcoming Difficulties in Marriage

Allah has promised that we will be tested in life but specifically that we will be tested in our marriages. In this video, Sister Haleh Banani gives us the master key to overcoming difficulties in our relationships. About Haleh Banani Haleh Banani has a Master degree in Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience working with …

Are You Intelligent Enough to Make Your Marriage Work?

Are You Intelligent Enough to Make Your Marriage Work?

“Intelligence” generally has us thinking of cognitive abilities and intellectual functioning. True, but when it comes to relationships, especially a marital relationship, “emotional intelligence” is the most important and effective kind of smarts to nurture healthy relationships. Emotional intelligence is paramount in communication for a strong and healthy marriage. What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence …

Finding the Love of Your Life

Finding the Love of Your Life

We all hope and dream of finding the love of our life. It is a yearning that exists within the nature of humankind. Hence, Islam encourages marriage, and even refers to it as ‘half of our faith’. But for the sake of sanity, let’s put away the fairy-tale dreams of prince charming and happily-ever-after and …

modern marriages

Modern Day Marriages: When Wives “Wear the Pants”

Until two or three decades ago, when daughters were born, they were expected to eventually go on to master just a few, basic ‘womanly’ domains in adult life: the kitchen, the sewing machine, the knitting/crochet needles and embroidery hoop, the home, the entertainment of guests (i.e. hostessing), and last but not least, the bearing and …


'Why I'm Still Single?'- A Single Muslim Man Speaks Out

I have often wondered whether this is an active choice, a curse, or simply a matter of circumstance. At my age and from my cultural background almost everyone I know is married and has children. At times I wonder whether it is the lifestyle I have adopted, but at other times partition blame to the …

First Year of Marriage: Is It Complicated?

First Year of Marriage: Is It Complicated?

The beginning of the sacred union of marriage is marked with many bittersweet moments for the newlywed bridal couple. The new husband and wife cascade through the usual outward rituals: the nikah ceremony, the post nikah banquets, the greetings, dua’s and endless hugs from close kin. The incessant showering of gifts; childlike enthusiasm, and euphoria …

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