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Female Muslim converts marriage

The Challenges Muslim Converts Face When It Comes to Marriage

For many women who choose to convert to Islam, learning how to pray, giving up certain foods, and dressing differently are some of the challenges that Insha’Allah they will find easy to overcome. Next on the lips of well-meaning advisers is the reminder that marriage is ‘half our deen’ and there is no reason to …

Muslim girl

I Want a Muslim Girl, But…

Why He Can’t Marry Her: Sulayman’s Story Sulayman met Aidah during a medical internship. They worked in the same lab and had the opportunity to talk a lot during the eight-week assignment. She had graduated as a pre-med major, as had he, and she would attend a medical school near his. Aidah was attractive, easy-going, …

Halal matchmaking

Halal Matchmaking: New Way to Complete Half Your Deen?

I remember growing up and my mom telling me stories of how she met my dad. They were young. Her dad was the community sheikh and had taught my dad Quran classes from a young age. My mom moved to Cairo with her dad, and my dad moved to Canada, but as soon as my dad had …

Child Marriage in the US - Not a Muslim Phenomenon

“I got married three days after I turned 17,” explains Aisha Zaky, an American Muslim who is now 37 years old. “It was my decision. After my father passed away when I was fifteen, many people asked for my hand, because they loved my father. After meeting my now ex-husband for the first time, I …


Just For Husbands!

Have you cleaned the house? Is dinner ready? Have you fed the kids? Did you wash my clothes? These are some of the questions that women hear, day in and day out, from husbands who assert that wives are nothing more than servants and baby machines. But a wife is neither. Nevertheless, amidst busy schedules …

parenting in a mixed marriage

Parenting in Mixed Marriages

As part of an intercultural marriage you’ll need to learn how to navigate these differences and take all extended family opinions and advice with a grain of salt.

The in-laws

Our Big Problem: The In-Laws (Watch)

Why do mothers in-law constantly criticize their daughters in-law? Weren’t they daughters in-law once?! In-laws’ interference is a common problem that causes much pain in marriages and sometimes, it puts an end to it. In this video, marital counselors and Islamic scholars speak about this common problem and give advice on how to deal with it. …


'When I First Found out I Was in Polygamy'

When I first found out I was in polygamy, I really needed someone to talk to besides my husband. I needed to express myself, release what was inside of me, find out if what I was feeling was justified. It didn’t feel right to reveal everything to friends and certainly not relatives who would have …

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