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Maybe It’s Divorce We’re Taking Lightly - Umm Zakiyyah Reflects

Maybe It’s Divorce We’re Taking Lightly - Umm Zakiyyah Reflects

“This is really a shame,” the woman said. “The divorce rate of Muslims is so high. Why are Muslims taking marriage so lightly?” It’s a question we’ve likely all heard or uttered by our own tongues. But the more I live, the more I’m developing a different perspective… Anisa’s Story Anisa was twenty-two when she …


The 3 Main Ingredients in a Loving Marriage (Watch)

Allah gives us the recipe for a happy marriage in Surat ar-Rum and Sister Haleh Banani breaks down the 3 essential components that are required. Haleh Banani has a Master degree in Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals. She was a featured expert on Al-Jazeera international, Huda TV, Islamic …

Have You Fulfilled Half of Your Religion?

Have You Fulfilled Half of Your Religion?

As counselors, we get our share of questions from concerned spouses regarding the struggles of marriage. Whether it’s young people trying to make difficult decisions about getting married, married people trying to make difficult decisions in the context of their own marriages, or others who are heartbroken due to failed marriages; our community is …

Marriage Is Hard Work, Not a Disney Romantic Movie

Marriage Is Hard Work, Not a Disney Romantic Movie

Most of us girls have dreamt of the big day; we have all imagined ourselves as brides, dressed in a fluffy white dress, surrounded by flowers, and having our cheeks burning red from the hundreds of eyes following our steps. YES! It’s the wedding day. Watching Disney movies when we were younger, most of us …

marrying a virgin

But She Must Be a Virgin!

Undoubtedly, it is extremely hypocritical for men to require “pure” brides while they don’t hold themselves to the same standards of purity.

Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

When Muslim youth of different cultural backgrounds become attracted to each other, there are typically at least two reactions from others.

Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural Marriage: Muslim Women Narrate Their Stories

Sister Maryam remembers five years ago when her brother came to her after her wedding and narrated something he had heard at her nikaah . One of the guests was overheard telling another guest, “How could her father allow her to marry that man.” That man was her husband and he was an Egyptian. Sister …


5 Tips for Courtship in Islam

In this video, professional counselor Karim Serageldin gives tips to keep in mind as you get to know someone for the sake of marriage in the context of western culture. Karim Serageldin, founder of Noor, completed his BA in psychology & religion, followed by an MA in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. He is a …

Muslim Marriage

How Should a Muslim Marriage and Reception Be?

Short Answer: There no real problem if the Muslim community can hold receptions, where women and men can share a space of social life, those might be on one side and these on the other. Seeing each other is not a problem as long as women are properly dressed and minding the “body language” appropriate …

pre-marital counseling

Want a Lifelong Marriage? Get Pre-Marital Counseling!

Rahmaa Institute is a family counseling service providing premarital family & parenting counseling. It is a non-profit organization located in Michigan, US. Thanks to brother Khalid Iqbal, founder of the project for taking the time to answer our questions.   Editor: Although you are originally an engineer, you have been providing family and pre-marital counseling …

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