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Coeducational Schools for Girls: Yes or No?

Wa ‘Alaykum Salam, Thank you for your good question. Indeed, this is a commonly asked question, both in the West, where Muslims are in a minority situation, and in the Orient, where parents have now almost the same difficulty getting along with the challenges of globalization and modernization. This is not a choice that is …


Why Does My Daughter Hate Her Hijab?

“Oh, God.” These were the words of one young girl when asked how she feels about the hijab. At the tender age of 15, she is fighting the uphill struggle most teenage girls face; her parents want her to wear the hijab and she doesn’t. It is the common battle of wills between teen girl …


Our Girls' Needs: Holistic Muslimah Health Guide

In Holistic Muslimah Health series, we review how Allah has designed us in a holistic manner with precious physical milestones, to mark the specific phases of women’s lives- teenage, puberty, pregnancy…etc, and explore women’s psychical and emotional needs and rights. Caring for ourselves– physically, emotionally and religiously – should not in any part be seen as superficial. …


Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Wearing Hijab in Job Interviews

‘I wish I was stronger.’ Sarah said, looking at her hands. ‘I’ve worn the hijab everyday of my life since I was fourteen.’ She sighed. ‘Now I put it on in the morning, go to work and take it off in the parking lot. I don’t feel like myself.’ Sarah and I were sitting in …

Sweet Home

When Home Sweet Home Is a Prison

As-salamu `alaikum, What you are describing is a dilemma that many Muslim girls and women face all over the Islamic world in varying degrees. As you know, your parents are trying to prevent your getting into trouble as “bad girls” do. Many times our parents in their great efforts to protect us from a dangerous …

Court Forces Swiss Muslim Girls to Swim with Boys

Muslim parents will be forced to send their girls to mixed swimming classes with boys after Europe’s rights top court ruled against a Turkish-Swiss couple who argued the classes violated their beliefs.


Hijab By Force

As-salamu `alaikum,  Hijab is something that you should not force on your daughter if by hijab you mean a scarf. Hijab in Islam is a way of being; it is how you behave and interact. If we teach our children from an early age about modesty (Haya’) and moderation, the outward expression of Haya’ in form of …

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