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Beware of the Convert Zone – What Not to Say to a Convert

Recently, I was at a local park with my daughters, attempting to follow their exuberant patterns as they capered joyfully from swing to slide to monkey bars. After several minutes, I became aware of an elderly couple nearby.   Apparently they were observing me and my children with interest. The man had a long, bushy grey …

A Muslim Guy Promised Marriage, Then Left Me

A Muslim Guy Promised Marriage, Then Left Me

In this counseling answer: “We, Muslims believe that everything happens for a reason and this is for our benefit even if we, with the limited capacity of our mind, cannot see it. Why would you spend even a minute with someone who is not serious about taking the responsibility of being your husband? It will take some …

Being a Muslimah Convert in the West

Being a Muslim woman in the West at this moment in time is such a strange, dangerous, and amazing thing. On one hand, we have so many freedoms and opportunities to spread out in our spirituality and practice our faith. But on the other hand, we feel fettered by societal norms that contradict our Islam, …

Letter for Eid

A Convert's Letter to Born Muslims Before Eid

Paulina Rivera shared an important message to born Muslims before Eid.  Read her post: Dear born Muslims, Do me a favor…especially those of you who consider yourselves active in dawa…if you have a revert friend please invite them over on Eid. Eid is the loneliest and most depressing day for many reverts and many of us …

US Mosque’s Kits Welcome Converts, Help Incarcerated Muslims

Women of the MUBK Sisters’ Wing, an auxiliary committee of the Islamic Center of Mastic-Shirley, recently launched a campaign to create Shahada Welcome kits for new Muslims entering Islam in their area. In addition to new Muslims, the committee also made Inmate Essentials kits for incarcerated Muslims.

California Mosque Engages, Educates New Converts

For the seventh consecutive year, a Muslim community group in Santa Clara, California, is offering rare help for Muslim converts, giving them company, education and answering their questions about their new adopted faith.

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