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Aussie Muslims Donate 33 Tons of Hay to Drought-Stricken Farmers

BRISBANE – In the midst of huge efforts to raise funds over the past weeks, a Muslim charity in Brisbane, Australia, has donated tonnes of hay to farmers in western Queensland who were affected by the recent drought. “We’ve brought with us three truckloads of 44 bales of hay in each truck,” Brisbane-based Muslim Charitable …

Muslim Charity Provides Shelter to Britche Women

Muslim Charity Provides Shelter to Vulnerable Women in UK

 Amina  was abandoned by her husband shortly after she got pregnant. She didn’t have relatives or friends in the UK and was struggling to pay her rent. She suffered a lot that she had to stopped eating so that she could keep up rent payments and avoid becoming homeless. Amina was then approached to sell her …

Colchester Muslims Donate Half a Ton Food to Foodbank

COLCHESTER – The Muslim community in Colchester, Essex, has donated half a ton of food to help those in need in one of the largest donations yet. “The community center has the aim of making sure we help our local community and do as much as we can,” Shoomi Chowdhuri, from the Colchester Islamic Community …


Muslim Charity Hands Out Winter Clothes to Montreal's Homeless

With an extreme cold weather in many regions of Quebec, a Muslim charity program is distributing winter clothes to homeless people in Montreal and Quebec City. Islamic Relief Canada, whose mission is to provide emergency relief to communities hit by disasters, said that low temperatures put the lives of homeless people in danger. It’s the first time …

Muslim Charity Fundraising Dinner Seeks to Educate

As President Trump lowers the otherwise respectable office of the President of the United States once again, this time sharing fabricated, anti-Islam propaganda, whining to the wrong Theresa May to, ‘…focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom,’ resulting in a huge backlash across most political divides in the UK and the US, including from the UK’s actual Prime Minister, British Muslims were doing what we do best, being productive members of society.

Google Honors Muslim Activist Abdul Sattar Edhi

Yesterday, Google changed its logo to honor Muslim activist Abdul Sattar Edhi, the founder of Edhi Foundation, the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network. The giant search engine changed its logo in the U.S., Iceland, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Estonia, the UK, Denmark, Ireland and Pakistan to a doodlge, or illustration, of Edhi. “In celebration of …

Muslims Give Survival Kits to Dallas Homeless

A Muslim charity distributed thousands of survival kits for the homeless inside a Dallas shelter Saturday morning, offering them a chance to survive winter cold and preserving a key Islamic charity tradition.

Islamic Relief: Ambassadors of Islam in America

In a year when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has frequently cast Muslims as violent radicals, the Islamic Relief charity’s volunteers say they have been thrust into the role of unofficial ambassadors for the real Muslim America.

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