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US Muslims Voice Concerns as Court Considers Travel Ban

WASHINGTON – Immigrants, refugees, and American community activists rallied in Washington D.C. on April 25 as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Hawaii to determine if President Donald Trump’s travel ban is legal. “Many Muslims and Somalis living in Minnesota have really been confused,” Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations …

Ring of Anti-Ban Protesters Protect Praying Muslims in NYC

NEW YORK – In a gesture of support, interfaith demonstrators gathering in New York City to mark the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s first “Muslim ban” formed a human chain of protection around Muslims as they knelt down in the public space for Friday prayers. “It’s practically important and symbolically important to stand with …

American Group Releases "Muslim Ban" Cure

After the success of its mock-medicine curing Islamophobia, America’s largest civil rights group has released a sugar-free gum specially crafted to “ban bad breath, not Muslims.”

Muslim refugees

What Are Muslim Countries Doing to Help Muslim Refugees?

Short Answer: They’re doing far more than most English-speaking media outlets are reporting. A core problem is the phrasing used to refer to refugees: “…many… are not considered refugees and they are not part of the UNHCR statistics. They are classified as “Arab brothers and sisters in distress”. Another key issue is the lack of established …

Tales of Three Female Muslim Converts in Trump’s America

For Muslims living in today’s America, life could be challenging amid rising threats to their community, mosques and women. Converts who choose Islam are facing the same challenges, in a country which imposed a partial ban on Muslim immigrants and visitors recently.

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