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7 Great Muslim Athletes in Martial Arts

7 Great Muslim Athletes in Martial Arts

Muhammad Ali, Badr Hari, Mike Tyson and many more are known and idolized all over the world. Let’s get a closer look at the 7 most impactful Muslim Athletes in Martial Arts: 1.    Muhammad Ali The king of boxing and an activist. Ali, born as Cassius Clay in a Christian family, is without a doubt the greatest …

Muhammad Ali

A Tribute to the Champ Muhammad Ali

“My name is our most beloved Prophet Muhammad’s.” Muhammad Ali is no doubt a phenomenon that transcends his time, culture, and politics. He is a household name and perhaps the most famous Muslim in the world. He is one of the greatest figures in the history of black Muslims in the US. Even at the height of …

Islam Removed from Muhammad Ali’s Legacy

One year after Muhammad Ali’s death, the fact that the boxing legend, Olympian, civil rights warrior, humanitarian, and trailblazer for Parkinson’s disease awareness was a practicing Muslim is being removed from his legacy.

Muhammad Ali

Taking Muhammad Ali Home

One year ago, a chosen few brought Muhammad Ali home for the last time. This is the story of how they carried out their sacred calling. A week before her husband dies, Lonnie Ali changes the plans for his funeral. The funeral she had envisioned is too big, she thinks. It is too complicated. At …

Ali's Funeral Unites America, Shows True Islam

Fulfilling the champ’s old dream to become an ambassador for Islam in America, the Islamic funeral of Muhammad Ali will be aired worldwide on Thursday, offering a window into the faith.

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