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Your Baby and the Power of Touch

I remember when my niece was born some fifteen years ago and I was exposed to the age-old tradition of infant massage. My mother religiously went every morning to bathe her granddaughter and massage her the way she had learned from her mother-in-law. As an inquisitive young adult, I was fascinated by this and made …


Pregnant? Talk to Your Baby

The emotional bond between a mother and her child is believed to be the greatest and strongest love ever. It is a divine relation that Allah has made as a secret attachment between a mother and child in all creatures. However, mothers can play a role in this regard. They can help in creating and …


Parenting: Not What I thought It Would Be

In this counseling answer: “For better parenting, you must recognize your needs and the needs of your daughter, but that your needfs are not equal to the needs of your daughter. I have already mentioned how you can see to your needs by developing a social support network. This will help you to be more available not …


10 Reasons Why You Need a Doula at Your Next Labor

Labor and birth can be a daunting experience for most women whether it is a first time experience  or even a third baby delivery While giving birth is a natural process, most women are unaware of their capabilities and level of strength during labor. A doula is a well-trained professional who provides continuous support at …


Childbirth: Gentle Initiation Into Motherhood

Many people today view childbirth as something scary and painful. Ask any woman about birth and she will most likely tell you that birth is painful, fearsome and full of complications. Women are usually so caught up in the idea of pain in childbirth that this overshadows simple, logical truths – that birth is a …


My Job Is a Full-time Mother

British author, George Orwell, once said, “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”As true as this may have been during Orwell’s lifetime—he died in 1950—it seems even more so in our contemporary discussions about the importance of motherhood. Why is it …


Punished With Being Barren?

As-salamu `alaikum, Dear sister, I am deeply touched by your inquiry. I ask Allah’s guidance as I attempt to reach out to you across these distances and through these words. I am so terribly sorry for the losses that you have suffered; they are surely very heart-wrenching experiences leaving you unsure about whether there is …


Stories of Muslim Women Who Had Abortions

With regards to Muslim women, there is almost no detailed information regarding their experiences with abortion. The sole study available online that focuses specifically on Muslim women is found through the official journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.


Will You Continue Breastfeeding While Fasting?

Many mothers will make the choice to fast while breastfeeding during Ramadan. Even so many will still have concerns for themselves and for their infants. As Ramadan draws nearer, I find the question most frequently asked on various mother and child support groups is, will I be able to fast and breastfeed my child? These …


Sometimes Islam Says Yes to Abortion

Editor’s Note: In the first part of this series, the writer explained the meaning of abortion and highlighted the various attitudes towards it in many countries around the world . In this part, she explains the rulings related to abortion according to Islamic law Juristic Permission for Abortion What constitutes ‘legitimate reason’ for an abortion, whether in the …

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