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Jesus as Mentioned in the Quran

Not only did Jesus have a miraculous birth, but the Quran also tells us that he was born of a virgin mother and that he spoke in the cradle, that he performed miracles, and that he did not die on the cross, nor was he raised back to life after three days…

I Am No Plaything

The simple truth of Islam gives a life simple truth and meaning. Making such a huge change in direction can give a person perspective on life, one that will influence every decision they make from that day forward.

Falling in Love with Islam

For a minute I finally recognized myself and suddenly I could pinpoint that emptiness inside me. Then, I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a Muslim! Just by saying it I scared myself and I had to blush. It was as if I was speaking of things that are forbidden…

It's Very Easy to Be a Muslim in New York

In New York, I think it’s fairly easy to find what you are looking most of time. I’m sure in other states and cities it’s probably a lot more difficult, but we have halal stores on every corner basically. So it’s very easy.

Churches Have Bells, We Have This:

Somehow this call touched me, though at the time I didn’t even know what it really was. Its sound transported me to an environment serene and tranquil, in spite of the reality on the ground. When I heard it then, I couldn’t believe anyone could talk during it and not listen to its exquisite beauty…

Working Muslim Women: How to Reduce Stress

Besides the job description and career path, pertinent matters that need sorting out, such as leave (including maternity and sick leave), child benefits, flexi-time (if possible), overtime and weekends (you have to decide whether or not you would like to be contacted then), possibilities for a career-shift to work from home.

In Islam It’s OK to Ask Questions

It’s OK there is only One God, and we know there is only One God because He has proven it to you in the previous words of previous religions, in works that you see every day, in the Quran that you hold dear. Both the sincerity of the people and the sincerity of the teachings really convinced me to become a Muslim.

Making Sense of the Jigsaw Puzzle

The pre-conversion venue I know most intimately is Amyand Park, I mean I’m not so naïve as to expect the United Colors of Benetton to greet me when I totter into a Baptist church in Twickenham, but such a pale, inflexible lot obstructed likelihood of my attachment.

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